David Ayer Says Geoff Johns Broke His Suicide Squad Timeline with Harley Quinn Addition

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Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

The DC Extended Universe has been well known for not only its mixed reviews from fans and critics, but for numerous stories of behind-the-scenes drama that makes its way into the DCEU movies' storyline. Just over the past couple of weeks alone, news of the Zack Snyder-cut of Justice League finally releasing on HBO Max in 2021 has sent fans into a frenzy, finally excited for some answers to all of their questions regarding the team-up blockbuster.

Once the Snyder Cut was confirmed to arrive next year, rumors began swirling pointing to another director's cut from earlier in the DCEU's history: David Ayer's Suicide Squad . While Ayer was the only person in the director's chair for this film, rumblings of disagreements between him and the studio regarding the film's tone has brought the cries for this new cut to the forefront of pop culture. More wood has just been added to this fire with a new social media post expanding on the film's changes in the editing room.


In a new post on Twitter , Suicide Squad director David Ayer confirmed that the plot line regarding the Joker's teeth was supposed to connect with Harley Quinn's involvement in the death of Robin. Former DC Entertainment CCO and Suicide Squad producer Geoff Johns is said to have changed the timeline, making it so that Harley could never have been involved with the death of Robin since she met the Joker in Arkham Asylum, after Batman had already punched his teeth out and forced him to wear the silver grill.


David Ayer's cut of this film has been highly discussed in a very short span of time, especially regarding the plot line between Jared Leto's Joker and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. Not only was Leto's performance seemingly ripped out of the final cut of the movie leaving him with only about 10 minutes of screen time, there appeared to be a complete disconnect behind the camera as the higher ups at DC Entertainment changed the entire dynamic of the film. This left the theatrical cut with a number of plotholes which Ayer had originally been on top of during filming, and the plot turned out to be incredibly muddled when it released because of Johns' changes in post-production.

While Suicide Squad had relative success at the box office with nearly $747 million in global revenue, the film's plot left fans with more questions than answers. Even an all-star cast (highlighted by performances from Will Smith and Viola Davis alongside Robbie and Leto) couldn't save the movie from overwhelmingly negative reviews, and the Ayer cut news of the last couple weeks has fans wondering exactly what could have been without the studio's interference.

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