Darth Vader Appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hinted At By New Merchandise

By Jennifer McDonough Updated:
Darth Vader Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars' seventh and final season is nearing its end on Disney+ , with the series finale set to drop on May 4th. While the fans will be very sorry to see it go, the final episodes have also been quite well received. Many have been particularly impressed with the various nods to other Star Wars lore, as the show ties up loose ends for characters like Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul.


While the adventures aren't quite over just yet, we may have just received a hint at part of the show's eventual endgame. A new product listing from Box Lunch , who have partnered with Ashley Eckstein's "Our Universe" fashion label, has possibly teased an appearance from Darth Vader in the series. The listing for a Darth Vader inspired tank top includes the following line in its item description: Darth Vader makes a statement in Star Wars: The Clone Wars , just like this tank will in your closet. This particular discovery comes by way of user Keep41 on Reddit.


Obviously an appearance by a fully suited up Darth Vader has pretty big implications from both an in-universe and out-of-universe perspective. On one hand, it would indicate that the show's story aligns with, or maybe even goes past the ending of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith , as that was the very first time in which the notorious Sith Lord donned his famous black armor. The series is already about to run concurrently with the events of the film, so perhaps this should not come as a huge surprise.

With a Vader appearance usually comes James Earl Jones. Could the legendary actor return once again to voice his iconic character? It's certainly another reason to keep watching to find out. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will return with another new episode this Friday, on Disney+.

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