MCU Daredevil: Best Look at Newest Suit Revealed by Marvel (Photos)

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Daredevil MCU Marvel Suit

Following three seasons of Daredevil, and one of Defenders on Netflix, with Matt Murdock clad in either the all-red suit or the black ninja-like suit, fans got to see an old-school comics Daredevil look on the live-action hero in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Wearing bright yellow and brown-ish red, the Man Without Fear appeared in She-Hulk wearing his original suit from the comics, one that was abandoned as the character took on a more serious tone in his stories.

It was a fitting shift in the MCU, as Matt was allowed to be goofier and quippier in She-Hulk than in any of his past appearances (barring Spider-Man: No Way Home).

Daredevil: Red and Yellow

Hot Toys, in collaboration with Marvel, released promotional images for a She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Daredevil figure clad in his red-and-yellow suit, giving fans a full and clear look at the outfit's updates.

Daredevil in his yellow-and-red suit next to Jennifer Walters during the day. Green trees are behind them.
Marvel Studios

In the streaming series finale, audiences saw Matt in the daytime in his new suit, but only the top half was visible.

Daredevil in his yellow-and-red suit against the night sky.
Marvel Studios

The other appearances of the look were either at night or from afar (like in the walk of shame scene), making the new toy designs the clearest, most full, and most detailed peek at the suit yet.

A Daredevil action figure against an orange-ish red background. Text on the left side reads
Hot Toys

The figure, when viewed at its full height and in stark brightness, shows off its sharp colors, the contrast of the black eyes, and the different pieces of armor Matt wears very clearly.

A close-up of the Daredevil figure in the red-and-yellow suit, with text
Hot Toys

This close-up view shows off all the details, such as the yellow stripes and bands on the hands and fingers, and the silver clasps on the belt around the waist.

A close-up of the Matt Murdock figure in the red-and-yellow suit, sans mask. He wears red sunglasses which mostly conceal his eyes, and holds his billy clubs together to form a cane. White text reads
Hot Toys

Of course, it would not be Matt Murdock without the glasses and cane, the latter is a handy and useful way for him to hide his billy clubs.

A close-up of the Daredevil figure in the red-and-yellow suit holding his cane like a weapon, with text
Hot Toys

Here, fans can see Matt utilizing the billy clubs as one stick, with another sleek close-up of the suit and weapon.

A Daredevil action figure against a gray background. Daredevil is held up to appear mid-jump in his red-and-yellow suit by a stand. He holds his two billy clubs, primed to fight.
Hot Toys

Ultimately, Daredevil enthusiasts finally have a crisp view of the flashy-colored suit.

A collage of multiple photos of a Daredevil action figure in his yellow-and-red suit from different angles. In the center of the collage is a yellow strip, with text
Hot Toys

Will Fans See More of the Suit?

Whether audiences just met Daredevil in She-Hulk, have been die-hard fans of the character since his Netflix series, or knew the comics version of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen first, Daredevil devotees can get excited about the future of this MCU hero.

While reports have claimed he will appear in the upcoming Echo series, fans will certainly see more of Matt in 2024's Daredevil: Born Again.

It is unknown at this point whether Mr, Murdock will be wearing this yellow-and-red version of the devil suit, the all-red one, or the all-black ninja suit, in the new show — perhaps he will wear a combination of the three throughout the run, or a new suit altogether.

Regardless, fans can get excited for more Matt Murdock misadventures when Daredevil: Born Again releases on Disney+ in Spring 2024.

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