Marvel Studios Releases Its First-Ever Daredevil Matt Murdock Legends Figure (Photos)

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Marvel Daredevil Charlie Cox

A freshly-revealed action figure in the ever-popular Marvel Legends toy line from Hasbro brings Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock into plastic form.

The Charlie Cox-led Marvel series Daredevil: Born Again might’ve gotten pulled from the release calendar due to the Hollywood strikes, but true believers can take solace in the fact that the show will come out at some point.

Plus, Ol’ Hornhead can also be seen in MCU canon in two episodes of Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and a key scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home (he’ll also be a supporting character in 2024’s Echo).

Matt Murdock Captured in Action Figure Form

Spider-Man No Way Home Matt Murdock scene

Revealed at Hasbro’s online Pulse Con event was a new wave of Marvel Legends six-inch-scale action figures based upon Spider-Man: No Way Home. Among the figures shown was Matt Murdock, from his cameo in the film.

This marks the first time that Marvel Studios' version of Murdock has been produced in the Legends line:

Marvel Legends Matt Murdock action figure

The Marvel Legends offering includes a fully articulated suited body and a cane.

Marvel Legends Matt Murdock action figure
Marvel Legends

Matt also comes packed with a brick to recreate the scene where he catches one that gets lobbed through a window.

Marvel Legends Matt Murdock action figure
Marvel Legends

The figure has a head sculpted with a likeness of Charlie Cox, even if the resemblance is a little obscured by his glasses. He’ll be sold on a blister card and will likely arrive in the hands of collectors sometime later this year or early next.

Marvel Legends Matt Murdock action figure
Marvel Legends

A Myriad of Matt Murdocks From Marvel Legends

Make no mistake, this might be the only civilian Matt produced in the Marvel Legends line so far, but it is far from the only Daredevil figure they’ve released.

A figure based on his appearance in his self-titled Netflix series was done back in the halcyon days when new episodes were still being produced. And there have been quite a few comic book-based Daredevil Legends put out in the line’s 21-year history, in a variety of his iconic costumes and looks.

What’s more is that with roles in the MCU going forward, Hasbro will have even more ammunition for additional Daredevil figures based on future projects. The toymaker hasn’t even gotten around to his ketchup-and-mustard-colored armor from She-Hulk.

All of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil appearances can be streamed on Disney+.

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