Daredevil's Rosario Dawson Calls to Disney & Marvel for MCU Return

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Rosario Dawson Daredevil Marvel MCU Return

After years of hard work, walls are coming down at Marvel Studios. The Fantastic Four (a part of the Fox acquisition) has a movie coming on the horizon, mutants are on their way to the MCU, and Daredevil is back in the headlines with his own Disney+ series coming soon. 

Some of the biggest names in Marvel Comics are returning to the big and small screen in a big way with the brand's Man Without Fear being one of the biggest examples. After Charlie Cox reprised his Matt Murdock role for last year's Spider-Man: No Way Home and Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin showed up in Hawkeye, Marvel announced Daredevil: Born Again, a brand-new Daredevil solo series in the MCU. 

But who else from the Scarlet Supe's time at Netflix could be making a comeback? What about someone like Claire Temple (played in Daredevil by Rosario Dawson)? Well, if Dawson has her way she will be just like Cox and D'Onofrio. 

More Claire Temple In the MCU?

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daredevil star Rosario Dawson called for her own return to the MCU in Daredevil: Born Again

The actress said she is "I’m just so stoked for everybody" to be back, a sentiment she has shared in the past, but she feels like her character of Claire Temple has some unfinished business in the universe. 

She noted that she "was really excited to know that all of [the Netflix] shows are actually part of the MCU now," calling out to Disney and Marvel "you know where I am" for a potential return:

Question: On the subject of Marvel’s Claire Temple, do you feel like you have unfinished business with her?

Dawson: "Oh yeah. For sure. You don’t even see her in that last “tell Claire to go home” moment on Luke Cage. So what is that? You know it’s terrible. So, yeah, I’d be super curious, but I’m just so stoked for everybody, though. It’s been a long time coming. I was really excited to know that all of our shows are actually part of the MCU now, with Charlie [Cox] and Vincent [D’Onofrio] coming over into these different projects now. So, yeah, 18 episodes [of Daredevil: Born Again]? I’m there! Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, they know where I am."

Will Rosario Dawson Return to the MCU?

Well, Dawson certainly wants to make a return to the MCU, but whether Kevin Feige and co. make that happen is still up in the air. Both Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio are officially back, and rumors of other names like Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones returning have been swirling, so why not bring back Dawson as well? 

Daredevil: Born Again, while still a ways away, is hopefully going to be a love letter to what has come before for Cox's Matt Murdock, while also setting up the next few years of Daredevil storytelling, and Dawson's Claire Temple is an intrinsic part of that. And she is right! Claire never got the send-off she deserved in the Netflix universe with her goodbye happening without her on-screen. 

Dawson deserved better and will likely get better. Marvel Studios and Disney as a whole know what they have in an actress like Rosario Dawson. Right now she is in the middle of helping along the Mandoverse as she plays Star Wars fan favorite Ahsoka Tano, so why not keep her in the building and let her play in the MCU again as well? It only makes sense. 

Daredevil Seasons 1-3 can be streamed now on Disney+

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