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Crooks Netflxi series

Testo and The Wave star Frederick Lau leads the cast of Netflix's German thriller, Crooks

Crooks is a 2024 series that chronicles how a former safecracker returns to a life of crime by teaming up with a kingpin's son to save his family's life from the dangers of his past.

Crooks premiered on Netflix on April 4.

Every Main Cast Member of Crooks 

Frederick Lau - Charly

Frederick Lau as Charly
Frederick Lau

Frederick Lau brings Charly to life in Crooks

Charly is an expert safecracker and a former criminal whose past comes back to haunt him after being forced to be part of a failed heist.

As a result, Charly needs to do everything in his power to save his family and himself after he becomes the target of the Al-Walid clan when things get messy during the robbery. 

Lau has over 100 credits to his name, with roles in Victoria, The Wave, Heart of Stone, and Testo.

Christoph Krutzler - Joseph

Christoph Krutzler as Joseph
Christoph Krutzler 

Christoph Krutzler's Joseph is the driver of the mafia gang from Vienna, Austria who reluctantly becomes Charly's partner-in-crime to stay alive. 

As the Bachofner clan's assigned driver, Joseph is tasked to drive escorts and prostitutes across the city. 

At one point in Crooks, Joseph is later revealed to be the legitimate son of the Austrian kingpin known as Karli after many believe that he was adopted. This piece of information was crucial since it made him a target of his former allies.

Krutzler is best known for his roles in Therapy of a Vampire, M - A City Hunts a Murderer, and Vienna Crime Squad.

Svenja Jung - Samira

Svenja Jung as Samira
Svenja Jung

Samira (played by Svenja Jung) is Charly's wife in 2024's Crooks

She was not aware of her husband's past as a criminal which is why she was so heartbroken when he came clean about it in Episode 2. Still, Samira agreed to fly to another country to save their son. 

Jung previously appeared in The Empress, Spy/Master, and The Palace.

Karl Welunschek - Der Rote/Red

Karl Welunschek as Red
Karl Welunschek

Der Rote, aka Red, is the leader of a gang in Vienna, Austria in charge of running a prostitution ring. The character is played on-screen by Karl Welunschek. 

Red is Karli's brother who wants everything he owns since he is dying. 

Standing in his way, however, is Joseph, the real son of his dying brother. This is the main reason Red is in hot pursuit of Joseph since eliminating him once and for all would be the key to his success. 

Welunschek's other notable credits include playing Herr Karl in Freud.

Georg Friedrich - Zwanziger/Joe Berger

Georg Friedrich as Joe
Georg Friedrich

Georg Friedrich stars as Zwanziger/Joe Berger in Crooks, a member of Red's gang who served as Joseph's first ally before betraying him for his boss (the guy wants Joseph dead to get all of his inheritance). 

Friedrich can be seen in Great Freedom, Wild Mouse, and Bright Nights.

Jonathan Tittel - Jonas

Jonathan Tittel  as Jonas
Jonathan Tittel 

Jonathan Tittel is part of Crooks' cast as Jonas, Charly's only son whom he tries to protect not just from the criminals after them but also from his past life of crime and misdeeds. 

Tittel was previously featured in Helen Dorn and Höllgrund.

Kida Khodr Ramadan - Rami

Kida Khodr Ramadan as Rami
Kida Khodr Ramadan

Rami is Charly's friend from Marseille and a former criminal. The character is played on-screen by Kida Khodr Ramadan. 

In Crooks, Charly asks Rami to keep his family safe while he is gone. 

Ramadan has credits in Man from Beirut, Kanun, and 4 Blocks

Erdal Yıldız - Hassan Al Walid

Erdal Yıldız as Hassan
Erdal Yıldız

Erdal Yıldız appears as Hassan Al Walid in 2024's Crooks.

Hassan Al Walid is the crime kingpin who wants Charly dead. The ruthless enforcer seeks revenge for the heist gone wrong. 

Fans may recognize Yıldız for his roles in Collide, Tatort, and Halka.

Nima Yaghobi (aka Nimo) - Tarek Al Walid

Nima Yaghobi (aka Nimo) as Tarek
Nima Yaghobi (aka Nimo)

Nima Yaghobi joins the cast of Crooks as Tarek Al Walid, Hassan Al Walid's reliable partner tasked to find the culprits responsible for the heist gone wrong involving the luxury coin. 

Tarek was on a hut pursuit against Charly and his family with one goal: killing them to make Hassan proud. 

Yaghobi is a music artist, and his only other major acting credit is playing Omid in Skylines.

Lukas Watzl - Rio

Lukas Watzl as Rio
Lukas Watzl

Lukas Watzl's Rio is Red's son, who was blindsided when Charly lied that Joseph was dead in their initial confrontation, leading to him and his group tracking down the safecracker's family for revenge.

Watzl has credits in Zauberer and Freud

Maya Unger - Nina Oblomow

Maya Unger as Nina
Maya Unger

Maya Unger plays Nina Oblomow, a police officer involved in the wild goose chase between Charly and his enemies. 

It is later revealed that Nina has a strong desire to take down the Bachofner gang since they wronged her father. 

Unger's most recognizable role is playing Madeleine in Walking on Sunshine. The actress also appeared in Fast Forward and Soko Linz.

Jan Georg Schütte - Henning

Jan Georg Schütte as Henning
Jan Georg Schütte

Henning (played by Jan Georg Schütte) is a gang member who threatens Charly's family by visiting them to alert the former safecracker that they know where his loved ones live. 

Schütte's notable credits include Kommisar Dupin, Tatort, and Babylon Berlin.

Robert Finster - Robert Seidler

Robert Finster as Robert
Robert Finster

Robert Finster is part of Crooks' cast as Robert Seidler, a police officer and Maya's partner. 

Robert eventually learned about Maya's drive to seek revenge against the Bachofner clan, and it was up to him to keep his partner in check during the investigation. 

Finster can be seen in Tribes of Europa, Prey, and Krieg.

Veysel Gelin - Karim Al Walid

Veysel Gelin as Karim
Veysel Gelin

Veysel Gelin appears as Karim Al Walid, the main culprit in stealing the luxury coin that everyone is in pursuit of. 

Gelin is an actor and composer who previously appeared in Testo, 4 Blocks, and Asbest.

Branko Samarovski - Der Großein Crooks/Karal

Branko Samarovski as Karal
Branko Samarovski

Branko Samarovski stars as Der Großein Crooks/Karl aka the head of the Bachofner clan. He is dying after discovering an incurable illness. 

Karl is also Joseph's real father, and his death means that everyone he owns will be transferred to his only son. 

Samarovski is known for his roles in The White Ribbon, Fog in August, and Braunchslag

Brigitte Kren - Tante Margot

Brigitte Kren as Tante
Brigitte Kren

Brigitte Kren plays Tante Margot in Crooks. She is Joseph's caretaker and loyal friend in Burgenland. 

Kren is a veteran actress who appeared in The Debt, Blood Glacier, and Four Women and a Funeral.

Virginie Peignien - Griselda Delacroix

Virginie Peignien as Griselda
Virginie Peignien

Virginie Peignien rounds out the main cast of Crooks. The actress plays Griselda Delacroix. 

Griselda is dubbed as the most feared woman in the city and Rami's current boss. 

She is the one who kidnaps Charly's family, and she wants to use him to create a plan to steal huge amounts of cocaine.

Peignien can be seen in Highlander, Vestiares, and Research Unit.

All episodes of Crooks are now streaming on Netflix.

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