Will Criminal Code Season 2 Happen? Netflix Creator Responds

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Criminal Code Netflix

Criminal Code creator Heitor Dhalia shared a hopeful update about the unannounced Season 2 of the hit Netflix show. 

The Portuguese streaming series follows a team of South American lawmen as they pursue the perpetrators of a large-scale robbery. 

While based on true events (taking inspiration from the 2017 Ciudad del Este heist), the show is a work of fiction, telling its story over eight hour-long episodes.

Season 1 wrapped things up quite nicely, with authorities learning the identity of The Organization's clandestine leader (a criminal known as the Ambassador), but it also left the door open a crack in case the streaming giant wanted to revisit the title for a Season 2. 

Criminal Code Creator Holding Out Hope for Season 2

Criminal Code Netflix

Responding to comments on Instagram, Criminal Code showrunner Heitor Dhalia offered his thoughts about a potential second season of his Netflix series. 

In the comments section of a post brandishing the viewership numbers for the Netflix crime drama, Dhalia was asked by a fan when Season 2 was coming, who which he responded, "I hope soon:"

cokguzelkadinlar: “Very good show, when is season 2?”

Dhalia: “I hope soon!”

This was not the only time in the thread the Criminal Code creator addressed the idea of Season 2, sharing a simple 'crossed fingers' emoji to another commenter asking him about it:

cris.linee: “Will there be a second season?”
Dhalia: “🤞”

This comes as Criminal Code saw stellar viewership numbers on Netflix in its first week on the service. 

During the week of November 13-19, the TV series was viewed 6.5 million times and shot to number one on Netflix's top 10 in several territories. 

With these sorts of numbers, a Season 2 of Criminal Code feels highly likely, as Netflix capitalizes on the positive word of mouth and solid viewership metrics to make a Season 2 an even bigger hit. 

What Will Happen in Criminal Code Season 2?

Yes, Season 1 of Criminal Code loosely took inspiration from a real-world heist that took place in Paraguay in 2017. But that is not to say the series' creative team would be against going off-book for the second season if it meant the show got more episodes. 

While Suellen, Benício, and the detective team at the heart of the series took down the high-ranking Organization lieutenant Guilherme in Season 1's final episode, two key criminals still remain at large. 

Both the Ambassador (the leader of The Organization) and Issac (another high-ranking criminal involved in the Season 1 heist), are still on the loose and could have intel coming in about the detectives who aim to bring them to justice. 

Towards the end of Season 1, it was hinted that Guilherme was keeping a close eye on the day-to-day activities of the series' detective team, as his arrest may prove to be part of The Organization's plan all along. 

If that is the case, Season 2 could see Guilherme passing info back to his criminal overlords, with the federales wondering how their foes are always one step ahead of them, and allowing these criminals to continue to wreak havoc over Paraguay. 

Season 1 of Criminal Code is streaming now on Netflix. 

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