Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 4 Gets Promising Update from Star

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José Coronado - Tirso Abantos, Wrong Side of the Tracks

There has been a lack of Wrong Side of the Tracks news lately, but that has not stopped one of the hit Netflix series' biggest stars from providing an update about its potential Season 4. 

The Spanish language streaming drama (originally developed for Telecinco) recently kicked off its Season 3 run on Netflix stateside. 

Telling the story of a former military man who takes the fight against crime into his own hands, Wrong Side of the Tracks has been praised for its stellar cast and brash approach to class in its storytelling, earning attention from several awards bodies across its first two seasons. 

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Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 4 Update

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 finale

Wrong Side of the Tracks star Miguel Angel Jiménez offered fans an update about a potential fourth season of the series, revealing it may be coming sooner rather than later. 

Speaking with fans in the comments of his Instagram page, Jiménez was asked (as translated from Spanish) "Will there be a season four?" to which the Santi Abantos actor replied, "Of course."

The Netflix series star then revealed "It's already recorded," when a fan followed up by asking to be a part of the series:

Q: "Will there be a season four?"

Jiménez: "Of course."

Q: "I want to participate in the fourth season."

Jiménez: "It's already recorded."

This comes as Season 4 of Wrong Side of the Tracks has yet to be officially announced. 

While surprising, Jiménez's comments may not be the first mention of Season 4 that has made it out to the public. A January 2024 Instagram post by Mediaset España and star José Coronado seemed to indicate the series (titled Entrevías in Spanish) has "finish[ed] filming:"

"'Entrevías' finishes filming. SQUAD!"

It is unclear whether this Instagram post refers to the series' third or fourth season, but some have speculated it could be related to Season 4. 

What Could Happen in Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 4?

With Season 3 officially out in the wild - having hit Netflix on February 23 - fans' gazes will almost certainly turn to the idea of a Season 4. 

Despite the fourth season not being officially revealed yet, Season 3 is not the last fans have heard from the thrilling Spanish language series. 

If/when Season 4 does make its way to the streaming giant stateside, audiences can expect more exciting twists in Tirso Abantos' quest to eradicate crime from his neighborhood. 

The biggest question heading into Season 4 concerns Dulce (played by Michelle Calvó). This new character was first introduced in Season 3 and seems primed for a rise up the criminal ladder in Madrid. 

With María de Nati's Nata now off the board thanks to Tirso killing the drug lord in Season 3, everything has been set in place for Dulce to fill the power vacuum left in Madrid's seedy underworld. 

Dulce has been seen to have bigger ambitions, fawning over the idea of leading a criminal empire.

Perhaps she will be the next drug kingpin for Jose Coronado's central vigilante to take on. 

Wrong Side of the Tracks Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Netflix. 

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