Is Clockwork Orange Remake With Tom Holland Real or Fake? 2024 Movie Speculation Explained

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Tom Holland Clockwork Orange

Fans are buzzing as a new poster makes the rounds online, supposedly revealing Tom Holland is working on a Clockwork Orange remake for 2024. 

Stanley Kubrick's 1971 original Clockwork Orange has cemented itself as a cult classic among cinephiles, earning a level of infamy very few films ever reach. 

Based on the 1962 Anthony Burgess novel of the same name, the film centers on a young man living in near-future Britain, as his delinquencies come back to bite him after a particularly deadly night of stirring up mayhem. 

Is Tom Holland Remaking Clockwork Orange?

Fake Tom Holland A Clockwork Orange Poster with September 2024 release date

A new poster for what looks to be a Clockwork Orange remake starring Tom Holland is causing quite the hubbub among fans. 

The alleged piece of movie marketing surprisingly popped up on social media on April 6, before going viral and causing a wave of speculation about the film. 

The poster sees the MCU's Spider-Man actor sitting front and center, with the iconic A Clockwork Orange title treatment splayed above him. 

It also sports a "September 2024" release date despite no word of the remake having been made public before this. 

The post describes the movie as "a cinematic exploration of free will, violence, and redemption set against a dystopian backdrop" all to be directed by Snatch filmmaker Guy Ritchie:

"Join Tom Holland as he embodies Alex DeLarge in the groundbreaking revival of 'A Clockwork Orange,' a cinematic exploration of free will, violence, and redemption set against a dystopian backdrop. This modern rendition thrusts you into a visually stunning, psychologically intense journey that questions the very fabric of human nature and societal mechanisms of control. Witness the transformation of Alex in this compelling narrative, coming to theaters in September 2024. Directed by Guy Ritchie"

While fans may see this poster and think it is genuine, the remake project is sadly a fake. The piece of Clockwork Orange art originates from a Facebook page known for its satirical TV and movie posters, becoming just the latest fake title to fool fans. 

Is A Clockwork Orange Remake Ever Going To Happen?

While the Tom Holland-led Clockwork Orange project may not be real, that is not to say a remake of the beloved Kubrick film will never happen. 

In the more than 50 years since the movie's release, it has been expanded upon, adapted, and retooled in several forms. 

The most prominent of these is the several theater productions of the story that have hit the stage over the years. Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess even wrote the script for the stageplay adaptation. 

Other places the film has popped up since its release is in a successful manga anthology series by Osamu Tezuka entitled Tokeijikake no Ringo (Clockwork Apple). 

This effort by Tezuka saw a collection of stories released set inside the Clockwork Orange universe (but not starring any of its characters), telling dystopian tales based on Burgess's original novel. 

No remake of the 1971 movie is currently in the works (at least publicly), but with it being one of the sacred texts of Hollywood there is always the chance a modern interpretation of the film sees the light of day at some point. 

However, given its status as one of the most iconic films of the 20th century, there may be some hesitation to remake it, as those involved may not want to sully the original movie's legacy. 

As for Tom Holland, he can next be seen in a West End stage production of Romeo and Juliet from May 11 to August 3, with rumors of his return to the world of Marvel in Spider-Man 4 looming as well. 

A Clockwork Orange is available for purchase wherever digital movies are sold.  

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