Full Cast of Christmas as Usual - Every Main Actor & Character In Netflix Movie (Photos)

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Christmas as UsualIsa Ursin-Holm - Thea Evjen and Kanan Gill - Jashan Joshi

Netflix's Christmas as Usual highlights a remarkable cast of Norwegian and Indian actors and explores themes like intertwined cultures and heartwarming family reunions. 

The latest holiday romantic-comedy film premiered on Netflix on December 6, and it revolves around a Norwegian gal named Thea (Isa Ursin-Holm) and her Indian boyfriend, Jashan, (Kanan Gill) as they return to Norway for the holidays. 

During their stay, it seems that Thea's family, particularly her mother, is not on board with the idea that her partner is of a different race. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Christmas as Usual

Here's a list of every main actor who appears in Christmas as Usual, with details about their roles and filmographies below: 

  • Isa Ursin-Holm - Thea Evjen
  • Kanan Gill - Jashan Joshi
  • Marit Adeleide Andreassen - Anne-Lise Evjen
  • Erike Follestad - Simen Evjen
  • Veslemøy Mørkrid - Hildegunn Evjen
  • Matilde Hovdegard - Ronja Evjen
  • Mads Sjøgård Pettersen - Jørgen Bruun
  • Jonas Strand Gravli - Taxi Driver
  • Pooja Chandwani - Indian Podcast Host

Ida Ursin-Holm - Thea Evjen

Ida Ursin-Holm as Thea Evjen
Ida Ursin-Holm

Thea Evjen (played by Ida Ursin-Holm) is from Norway and has a stable relationship with her boyfriend, Jashan. 

When she decides to go back to her hometown to give her boyfriend a chance to celebrate a traditional Christmas celebration, things go from bad to worse as Jashan's culture clashes with Thea's family. 

Ida Ursin-Holm is a rising star who is best known for her role as Hilde in Karsten of Petra. The actress also appeared in Amundsen, Jentetur, and Fjols til fjells

Kanan Gill - Jashan Joshi

Kanan Gill as Jashan Joshi
Kanan Gill

Playing Thea's Indian boyfriend, Jashan Joshi, in Christmas as Usual is Kanan Gill. 

In the movie, Jashan is engaged to Thea. However, Thea's parents don't know that their daughter is getting married, causing friction within the family. 

The situation gets even worse when Thea's mother finds out that Jashan is of Indian descent, mainly because she is not familiar with spending time with other nationalities. 

Gill is a rising Indian actor who previously appeared in Noor, Aachar & Co, and Comicstaan

Marit Adeleide Andreassen - Anne-Lise Evjen

Marit Adeleide Andreassen as Anne-Lise Evjen
Marit Adeleide Andreassen

Anne-Lise Evjen is Thea's loving mother, yet, she is concerned by the fact that her daughter has an Indian boyfriend. The character is played by Marit Adeleide Andreassen. 

After their first meeting, Anne-Lise goes over different videos about Indian cultures and marriage practices, proving that she is not a fan of Jashan being Thea's future husband. 

Andreassen is a Norwegian actress who has credits in Ida Takes Charge, Farfar, and Home for Christmas

Erike Follestad - Simen Evjen

Erike Follestad as Simen Evjen
Erike Follestad

Simen Evjen (portrayed by Erike Follestad) is Thea's brother who visits the family during Christmas time alongside his wife. 

Similar to Anne-Lise, Simen is also surprised that Thea's boyfriend, Jashan, is Indian and that she is engaged to him. The character even told Thea that she "hardly knows" the guy. 

Aside from Christmas as Usual, Follestad also appeared in Rikets Roast and Innebandykrigerne.

Veslemøy Mørkrid - Hildegunn Evjen

Veslemøy Mørkrid as Hildegunn Evjen
Veslemøy Mørkrid

Veslemøy Mørkrid plays Hildegunn Evjen, Simen's wife and Ronja's mother who tells Thea that it's not a good idea to tell her mother that she is engaged to Jashan. 

When Jashan cooks for the family, it is obvious that Hildegunn and Simen don't like Indian food. 

Mørkrid has notable roles in projects like Here is Harold, Okkupert, and Stuck

Matilde Hovdegard - Ronja Evjen

Matilde Hovdegard as Rojan Evjen
Matilde Hovdegard

Matilde Hovdegard brings Ronja Evjen to life. Ronja is Simen's daughter who also goes to the Evjen family home for Christmas. 

Ronja forms a strong bond with Jashan during her visit. 

Christmas is Usual is Hovdegard's first notable role. 

Mads Sjøgård Pettersen - Jørgen Bruun

Mads Sjøgård Pettersen as Jørgen Bruun
Mads Sjøgård Pettersen

Mads Sjøgård Pettersen's Jørgen Bruun is Thea's ex-boyfriend and next-door neighbor in Christmas as Usual.  

In one of the conversations between Thea and her mother, Anne-Lise tries to convince her daughter to reconnect with him. 

At one point, Jørgen gives a ride home to Thea and Jashan, making things awkward for all of them. 

Pettersen previously appeared in Troll, Nord, The 12th Man, and Eddie the Eagle.

Jonas Strand Gravli - Taxi Driver

Jonas Strand Gravli
Jonas Strand Gravli

Jonas Strand Gravli plays the taxi driver who appeared during the early moments of Christmas as Usual

He drove Jashan and Thea to the latter's home. The driver even sarcastically asked Jashan if he was from India even though it was already obvious. 

At first, Thea's mother, Anne-Lise, thought that he was her daughter's boyfriend.

Gravli has over 20 credits to his name, with appearances in 22 July and Wild Men. The actor also rose to prominence when he portrayed Laurits in Netflix's Ragnarok

Pooja Chandwani - Indian Podcast Host

Pooja Chandwani plays the Indian podcast host that Jashan listens to in the movie. 

Chandwani's only other acting credit is playing an insurance agent in 2014's The Royal Bengal Tiger

Christmas as Usual is now streaming on Netflix.

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