Who Is Christian James? 4 Things to Know About Outer Range Actor

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After appearing on Outer Range Season 2, here's everything to know about actor Christian James.

Amazon Prime Video's Outer Range series has now completed its second season. Starring Josh Brolin, the show merges American sci-fi with a neo-Western storyline, centering on two families embroiled in a land dispute involving a mysterious, physics-defying hole. 

This season, the Abbott family faces turmoil following their granddaughter's disappearance, struggling to stay united amidst further time travel complications.

Christian James plays a critical role in the younger version of the main character, Royal Abbott.

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4 Things To Know About Outer Ridge's Christian James

Christian James with his pet beagle
Christian James

How Christian James Got into Acting

Christian James never went to acting school. In fact, the Atlanta, Georgia native told Stoned Fox that someone told him, "Hey, you should act and model:"

"In all honesty, someone told me 'Hey, you should act and model’ I decided to give it a shot"

When asked about when he knew he was going to commit to acting as his career, James said he knew when he got on the set of A Madea Christmas that "this was what [he] was going to do for the rest of [his] life:"

"I was booked as an extra on Feb. 27, 2013 on Tyler Perry’s 'A Madea’s Christmas.' I knew this was what I was going to do for the rest of my life as soon as I got on location. I was overcome by what went in to actually making a movie and I was sold."

In addition, James sold everything and moved to LA from Atlanta. After couch surfing and sleeping in his car, he found an apartment on Bronson and Sunset. 

His first job was at Bronson bar, where the owners offered him a job after a chance meeting. This opportunity launched his acting career. 

James sees each role as a chance to grow and improve, and he remains passionate about learning and deepening his love for acting even after five years in the industry:

"I am not the greatest, but every single day I learn and I grow and I fall more in love with what I get to do. It’s crazy that even after five years I can fall so much more in love with the craft and how I perceive life."

Christian Was Mentored by Actor Gary Weeks

During his time in Atlanta, Christian James attributes much of his success to his mentor, Gary Weeks (via So Wizard Podcast). Weeks is familiar with franchises as big as the MCU, having played the Department of Damage Control's Agent Foster

James spoke highly of Weeks and his friend and fellow actor, Anthony Reynolds:

"Atlanta was a great place for me to learn. I had an acting coach who was more like a mentor, his name is Gary Weeks and he's been in over 80 to 100 films. The guy is a phenomenal actor. And I remember my first audition with him and his friend, Anthony Reynolds was there, who was in Cell with Sam Jackson and John Cusack. He played the opposite lead against them."

Both Weeks and Reynolds gave James a boost of confidence when he "did [his] first read for them:"

"And I did my first read for them and they both looked at me and they were just like, 'You're going to do well. Don't worry, you're going to be fine. You'll make it.'"

Some advice that James received was beyond just "learning acting" but rather "the business side of it" and most importantly "to always stay true to your character:"

"So every audition, I would go to them and they would help coach me through and I just started learning a lot from them. It wasn't just me learning acting, but it was also me learning the business side of it—what goes into it and what to look out for, the traps not to fall into, and to always stay true to your character and to always stay true to your morals."

Christian Is Big Into Hip-Hop

Outside of acting, Christian James also told Stoned Fox how he's currently listening to hip-hop and indie rock, listing off some of his favorite artists including "Childish Gambino" and "Foo Fighters:"

"Currently, I’m listening to Hip-Hop, Indie Rock. Few of my favorite artists: XXXtentacion, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Childish Gambino, Nirvana, Foo Fighters."

When asked what records he would take on a deserted island, he said SAD! by XXXtentacion, Tha Carter V by Lil Wayne, and How to: Friend, Love, Freefall by Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

Christian Has a Beagle Named Santo

A true animal lover, Christian James has a dog named Santo, whom he adopted from the Beagle Freedom project.

He often shares photos of Santo on Instagram, along with his newly adopted dog, Moose, a brown German Shepherd mix. He recently made Santo and Moose their own Instagram accounts so they could follow along with the new furry family. 

How to Follow Christian James Online

For those looking to keep up with Christian James through social media, fans can follow his Instagram page (@christianjames_official) and TikTok page (@christianjames_official).

Seasons 1 and 2 of Outer Range are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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