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Outer Range Imogen Poots and Josh Brolin

After more than two years away from the small screen, Outer Range returns to Amazon Prime Video behind a star-studded cast of actors.

Created by Brian Watkins, Outer Range combines elements of American science fiction with a neo-Western narrative, featuring two families locked in a property dispute over ownership of a large pasture with a physics-defying massive hole.

This season sees the Abbott family in shambles after their granddaughter's disappearance, struggling to keep the family together through more time travel shenanigans.

Season 2 of Outer Range hit Amazon Prime Video on May 16.

Every Character & Actor in Outer Range Season 2

Josh Brolin - Royal Abbott

Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott in Outer Range
Josh Brolin

Reprising his role as Royal Abbott, the Abbott family patriarch and leader, is longtime Hollywood veteran Josh Brolin.

Royal is a rancher from Wyoming who struggles to keep his family safe and his way of life alive, struggling with reality after finding a hole appearing to be a tear in space-time in the middle of his ranch.

Brolin is perhaps best known for his motion-capture performance of the Mad Titan Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Other major credits include Deadpool 2, The Goonies, and Dune.

Lewis Pullman - Rhett Abbott

Lewis Pullman as Rhett Abbott in Outer Range
Lewis Pullman

Supporting Brolin's Royal Abbott in Outer Range's main cast is his son, Rhett Abbott, portrayed by Lewis Pullman.

Known as the more rebellious son, Rhett's biggest focus was his quest to be a championship bull rider before a new woman in town forced him to look at his future differently.

Pullman's biggest role outside the series comes in 2022's Top Gun: Maverick, in which he played Robert "Bob" Floyd. Other credits include Bad Times at the El Royale and Lessons in Chemistry, and he is also set to play Sentry in Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts.

Imogen Poots - Autumn Rivers

Imogen Poots as Autumn Rivers in Outer Range
Imogen Poots

Autumn Rivers is another leading character in this series, portrayed by Imogen Poots.

Known as a traveler, Autumn charms the Abbott family into allowing her to camp on their land, and she is not afraid to be a little reckless and embrace the unknown and mysterious. She also makes her name as a time traveler and cult leader.

Poots' other performances can be seen in Vivarium, Green Room, 28 Weeks Later, and Knight of Cups.

Lili Taylor - Cecilia Abbott

Lili Taylor as Cecilia Abbott in Outer Range
Lili Taylor

Lili Taylor's Cecilia Abbott takes her place in Outer Range Season 2 as the matriarch of the Abbott family. 

Married to Josh Brolin's Royal, Cecilia is deeply rooted in her faith as she continually finds that faith is tested as new challenges come her way.

Taylor's most notable credits come in American Crime, The Conjuring, and I Shot Andy Warhol.

Tamara Podemski - Deputy Sheriff Joy

Tamara Podemski as Deputy Sheriff Joy in Outer Range
Tamara Podemski

Deputy Sheriff Joy Hawk continues to protect her Wyoming home in Outer Banks Season 2, played once again by Tamara Podemski.

Making her name as the first gay Native American to run for county sheriff in Wabang, Wyoming, Joy is a lifelong cop, although she is unwillingly roped into some of the madness surrounding the town's void.

Podemski can also be seen in Reservation Dogs, Coroner, and Run.

Tom Pelphrey - Perry Abbott

Tom Pelphrey as Perry Abbott in Outer Range
Tom Pelphrey

Another member of the Abbott family takes the spotlight thanks to Tom Pelphrey's portrayal of Perry.

This character is the eldest son of the Abbott family who struggles throughout his time in the series with the lingering disappearance of his wife, who went missing before Season 1.

Pelphrey is recognizable for his work in Mank, Banshee, and Iron Fist

Noah Reid - Billy Tillerson

Noah Reid as Billy Tillerson in Outer Range
Noah Reid

Noah Reid enjoys a regular role on Outer Range as the key supporting character Billy Tillerson.

Known as the youngest of the three Tillerson brothers, Billy often expresses himself through his singing, showing an ethereal nature as he opens up to those he loves regularly.

Tillerson is familiar with long runs on successful TV shows, having been part of the cast of Schitt's Creek, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, and Franklin.

Shaun Sipos - Luke Tillerson

Shaun Sipos as Luke Tillerson in Outer Range
Shaun Sipos

One of the elder members of the Tillerson family comes in the form of Luke Tillerson, played in Outer Banks by Shaun Sipos.

Luke is responsible for running the day-to-day business operations for his family's ranching operations as they hope to stand out against the Abbotts, their biggest competition.

Sipos was most recently part of the cast of Amazon Prime Video's Reacher Season 2. Other major projects include Texas Chainsaw, Final Destination 2, and Krypton.

Isabel Arraiza - Maria Olivares

Isabel Arraiza as Maria Olivares in Outer Range
Isabel Arraiza

Isabel Arraiza is seen as part of Outer Range's core cast of characters via her role as Maria Olivares.

Maria is an old friend of Rhett's from when they were in high school together, returning to her Wyoming home from college and looking for a fresh start and more.

Arraiza can also be seen in The Little Things, Pearson, and The Oath.

Olive Abercrombie - Amy Abbott

Olive Abercrombie as Amy Abbott in Outer Range
Olive Abercrombie

Another addition to the Abbott family in Outer Range is seen in Amy, portrayed throughout the show by Olive Abercrombie.

Amy is Perry and Rebecca's daughter, seen to be an independent ranch girl before her anxieties pick up as her mother goes missing and her family is wrapped up in a prolonged criminal investigation.

Abercrombie also plays major roles in Stargirl, The Haunting of Hill House, and Midnight in the Switchgrass.

Will Patton - Wayne Tillerson

Will Patton as Wayne Tillerson in Outer Range
Will Patton

Continuing to play a recurring role in Outer Range as Wayne Tillerson is Will Patton.

Used to getting what he wants, Wayne is a longtime contemporary of Royal Abbott, and their relationship remains as contemptuous as ever after 50 years of knowing one another.

Patton can also be seen in The Postman, Armageddon, and No Way Out.

Christian James - Young Royal Abbott

Christian James as Young Royal Abbott in Outer Range
Christian James

Christian James joins the Outer Range family as a newcomer in Season 2, giving fans a blast to the past as he plays a young version of Josh Brolin's Royal Abbott.

James' other major credits include All American, Hell Fest, and Hot Summer Nights.

Megan West - Young Cecilia Abbott

Megan West as Young Cecilia Abbott in Outer Range
Megan West

Where there is a young Royal Abbott, there is a young version of his wife Cecilia, who is brought to life in Outer Range Season 2 alongside Christian James by Megan West.

West is also notable for her roles in This Is Us, 9-1-1, and How to Get Away with Murder.

Kimberly Guerrero - Falling Star

Kimberly Guerrero as Falling Star in Outer Range
Kimberly Guerrero

Kimberly Guerrero enjoys time in a pair of episodes from Season 2, portraying a new Native character named Falling Star.

Guerrero's past performances can be seen in The Glorias, Longmire, and Seinfeld.

Daniel Abeles - Young Wayne Tillerson

The Tillerson family also gets a look at a younger member of the family in Outer Range Season 2 as Daniel Abeles shows a look at Wayne Tillerson in his more formative years.

Fans can see Abeles' other work in Women of the Movement, Lioness, and Seattle Road.

Monette Moio - Rebecca Abbott

Originally portrayed by Kristen Connelly in Season 1, Monette Moio takes over the role of Rebecca Abbott, Perry Abbott's wife, in Season 2.

Known for her work as a stunt performer, Moio also plays a major role as Tessa in The Real Bros of Simi Valley.

Both seasons of Outer Range are now available to stream in full on Amazon Prime Video.

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