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After a three-year absence from the MCU, the Chris Pratt-led Guardians of the Galaxy are back in action and set for a massive showing in multiple media forms over the next year. On top of two movie appearances, their own holiday special, and the animated I Am Groot show, they're also the stars of their own new ride at Disney World's EPCOT - Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

The galactic team of misfits stars in EPCOT's newest interactive visitor experience as they tell a story that doesn't tie into their MCU adventures in a typical fashion. Also featuring a returning MCU veteran in Glenn Close's Nova Prime along with a newcomer in Brooklyn 99's Terry Crews, Marvel's iconic space adventurers now have their second theme park ride after first coming to Disneyland's California Adventure in Anaheim, California.

Disney has shared a couple of short trailers for the ride ahead of its May 27th opening, providing a look at the team's upcoming escape from the Celestial Eson. Now, with only a few weeks left until fans get to experience this unique roller-coaster, The Direct had the incredible opportunity to capture a tease of what's on the way from the Guardians at Disney World.

A Preview of Guardians' Cosmic Rewind Ride

Guardians Cosmic Rewind

Disney invited The Direct to experience the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction at EPCOT in Walt Disney World just under a month ahead of its grand opening in the park. The Direct's own Savannah Sanders captured a couple of minutes of footage from the ride, showing some in-ride videos that fans will see before strapping into the roller-coaster itself.

The five core members of the Guardians, led by Chris Pratt's Star-Lord are sitting in the Benatar as they listen to a transmission from Terry Crews' Centurion Tal Marik and Glenn Close's Nova Prime, all while listening to the Celestial Eson threaten to send them back in time. Tal Marik indicates that he has to get the Terrans to safety on evacuation shuttles before the ride starts.

Eson: "Your time is over."

Star-Lord: "Wait, what do you mean? What do you mean?! That’s so vague!"

Gamora: "The jump point! It’s closing!"

Star-Lord: "Hey, Nova dude! Your Nova Corps need to follow that, that, whatever it is until we get there!"

Tal Marik: "We can’t. Our power’s down, and I’ve got to get these Terrans onto evacuation shuttles."

Rocket: "I got it!"

Guardians and Eternals Collide at EPCOT

Marvel and Disney have worked together to build some incredible attractions over the past couple of years, which started in California with the revamped Tower of Terror and Avengers Campus at California Adventure. Now, Walt Disney World has its own thrilling Marvel adventure for fans to ride as James Gunn's iconic MCU franchise takes center stage once again.

These videos should only be the start of what Cosmic Rewind will deliver, but it's certainly enough to get MCU fans pumped for EPCOT's newest attraction. Seeing a return for Vin Diesel's Adult Groot and Glenn Close's Nova Prime alongside a high-profile newcomer in Terry Crews brings an exciting mix of old and new, and there will even be a brand-new Awesome Mix playing to capture the essence of the iconic franchise.

Once fans get onto the coaster itself, the thrills will ramp up even further as they take on one of the world's longest fully enclosed coasters, and the first to start with a reverse launch. The big question now is what hidden details the ride holds and how fans will react to this one-of-a-kind ride in southern Florida.

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride will open at Walt Disney World's EPCOT on May 27.

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