Secret Invasion Confirmed to Have Key Captain Marvel 2 Connection

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Secret Invasion Captain Marvel 2

Secret Invasion will officially set up Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in The Marvels, according to the MCU Disney+ series' director.

Coming this November, The Marvels will serve as a direct sequel to 2019's Captain Marvel, but it will be a team-up film with Brie Larson's Carol Danvers, Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan, and Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau.

Currently on Disney+, Jackson is starring in his own series Secret Invasion, following a Skrull rebellion seeking revenge and seizing the Earth from humans before he joins Captain Marvel 2 later this year.

How Marvel Studios' latest show will end is a mystery, but one question many fans have had is how it will connect to The Marvels due to Nick Fury being featured in both projects.

Secret Invasion Sets Up Nick Fury in The Marvels

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Secret Invasion director Ali Selim was recently asked by The Hollywood Reporter if he had to communicate with The Marvels' team in order to set up Nick Fury in that film.

Selim said plainly that "the answer is yes," and the conversation was simple:

"The answer is yes, but they’re not protracted conversations. It’s just simply, 'Where do you need him? You need him here? Great.' And then we write into that. So that kind of stuff is very simple because it’s all above my pay grade."

When he said, "...we write into that" indicates that Secret Invasion slightly altered its final script in order to keep the greater MCU connected seamlessly.

Secret Invasion doesn't just set up Captain Marvel 2, War Machine actor Don Cheadle previously confirmed that it "kicks off what happens in Armor Wars:"

"It’s bananas! And it’s very expansive. And obviously now that everyone can show up in everybody else’s story… I mean, I’m in ‘Secret Invasion’. So I’m in Sam [Jackson]’s show. There’s a part of that, that kicks off what happens in 'Armor Wars.'"

The Marvels Tie-Ins with Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios' upcoming blockbuster is set to be a major story within the MCU. Not only does Secret Invasion directly tie in, but Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that WandaVision and Ms. Marvel are required viewing for the film.

Jackson has further explained that Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau will also be "Captain Marvel" In The Marvels:

“After 'Secret Invasion,' I’m moving on to 'The Marvels,' where you got like three different people who are Captain Marvel. You got Brie [Larson], you got a black Captain Marvel, and you got a Muslim Captain Marvel. So, they’re working on the universe in a way that’s inclusive."

Much of The Marvels will likely be spent trying to hone in on their three individual powers, which are also the reason they're uncontrollably trading places.

Catch a new episode of Secret Invasion every Wednesday on Disney+ and prepare for The Marvels' release in theaters on November 10.

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