Captain Marvel 2: Evidence Points To Ms. Marvel Scene Being Filmed

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Captain Marvel 2 is expected to change the MCU in a big way while also expanding on Carol Danvers' role as the franchise's next leader. Directed by Nia DaCosta, the film will showcase the return of Brie Larson's titular Marvel hero, but the character will not be alone; she will be joined by Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan

Plot details remain scarce for the upcoming sequel, but the trio of heroes teaming up will be more than enough to entice fans. Just like every other MCU project in Phase 4, Captain Marvel 2 also experienced its fair share of delays, shifting multiple release dates before settling for a November 2022 premiere

Production for Captain Marvel 2 reportedly began in the first week of April 2021 under the working title "Goat Rodeo." Now, new details have arrived that could dial the hype up for the sequel even more.


Reddit user eframian uncovered a production notice sheet for "Goat Rodeo" a.k.a. Captain Marvel 2, confirming that the crew did aerial & green screen filming in a residential area of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Captain Marvel 2, Jersey City
Google Maps

A few sections of Jersey City streets were blocked off for the filming that took place on April 9, as shown by the yellow lines on the map below. These could be the areas that will receive focused screen time in the scene that was shot.

Captain Marvel 2, Jersey City
Google Maps

Being that Kamala Khan resides in Jersey City in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems quite certain that this scene will revolve around Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel. Given the residential streets that were being filmed on, it's possible that this 5th St. Jersey City location could be where Kamala Khan lives.

An aerial shot also suggests that this could be for a rooftop scene in Captain Marvel 2, perhaps similar to the comic panel below that shows a nervous Kamala being introduced to Carol Danvers.

Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel
Marvel Comics



The first meeting between MCU heroes is always a joy to see, and this was further amplified during crossover films from the Infinity Saga.

Entering Phase 4, the franchise will now introduce a slew of new heroes that could redefine the MCU in more ways than one. This also means that much-anticipated character interactions will be showcased once more, and it seems that a unique opportunity will be presented in Captain Marvel 2.  

It's no secret that the heroic antics of Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan are anchored by Carol Danvers, and the initial meeting between the two female heroes will definitely be a must-see moment

Based on this filming update, there's a good chance that the scene revolving around them was already filmed. The exact details on how the two heroes will meet are unknown, but it's only fitting that an established Avenger like Carol will head to Kamala's home to recruit the young hero for an unknown mission. 

While this could mirror the introduction scene for Peter Parker during Captain America: Civil War, Marvel can flip the switch by letting Kamala agree from the get-go instead of being hesitant at first. This goes to show that Kamala likely trusts Carol outright, and this plot point can be dissected further in the latter parts of the sequel.

This is pure speculation at this point, but the fact that Captain Marvel 2 is already filming should mean that more details and set photos will emerge in the coming weeks.  

Captain Marvel 2 is set to premiere in theaters on November 11, 2022. 

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