Emily VanCamp Responds To Backlash of Captain America: Civil War's Steve & Sharon Kiss

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Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

It is no secret that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is introducing new story elements for the MCU's next chapter after the Infinity Saga. But the show has also made clear that some plot points from previous films remain central to the overall narrative. One of those is the lingering existence of the Sokovia Accords .

The set of laws were first introduced in Captain America: Civil War and managed to change the landscape of the franchise in surprising ways. Several members of the Avengers like Cap, Sam Wilson, and Natasha Romanoff were on the run since they were branded as wanted fugitives for declining to sign the Accords while other characters were also affected, mainly Sharon Carter .

To recap, Sharon was the main reason why Captain America and Falcon were able to suit up against Team Iron Man in Germany since she retrieved the pair's shield and wings respectively. As a result, the former FBI agent was forced to go on the run, but she was able to bid Cap with one last kiss before that ordeal.

Now, the actress who portrays Sharon has opened up about her character's intriguing decision during the 2016 MCU film.


Steve Sharon Kiss Civil War

Emily VanCamp, who plays the MCU's Sharon Carter, recently sat down with Variety to talk about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and one of the topics that were discussed was the character's past with Steve Rogers.

VanCamp admitted that there was “quite a bit of backlash” from fans when Steve kissed her character during Captain America: Civil War, but the actress instead focused on Sharon's journey of becoming someone who is “independent” from the Star-Spangled Avenger:

“I know! There was quite a bit of backlash about that. With Sharon, it was always trying to fit her in and these movies are just too big, and it’s completely understandable. To get to see who she’s become over this long period of time, and independent of Captain America as we know him, is really interesting to me. The intrigue for me was to see who is Sharon now.”

Furthermore, VanCamp pointed out that the backlash to the kiss was simply “just one of those things,” sharing that “some of these storylines play and some of them don't:”

“I mean, look, you have to laugh. Some of these storylines play and some of them don’t. But, you know, I thought that was an amazing film. It’s just one of those things.”

VanCamp agreed that the chemistry between her and Evans during Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War was evident, citing the fact that both of them “did [their] best” to achieve that spark. Still, the actress acknowledged that the buddy cop dynamic between Sam and Bucky is “one of the best things that came out” from that scene, ultimately leading to the birth of the Marvel series:

“Yeah, I think we all were. I mean, we certainly did our best. And I think one of the best things that came out of that scene, to be honest, with this amazing dynamic between Sam and Bucky. You really do get this glimpse into the Falcon and Winter Soldier buddy dynamic. You want to see more of that, and we get to see it, which is fantastic.”


Sharon and Steve's kiss during Civil War is one of the unresolved plot points of the MCU, and it's unfortunate that it will stay that way due to the latter's final arc during Avengers: Endgame . It remains to be seen if Sharon will become aware of how Steve's story ended in the Infinity Saga, but it seems that the focus of the character right now is her new life in Madripoor.

From the get-go, it was clear that Steve was still in love with Peggy no matter what and this essentially justified the backlash from some fans.

VanCamp's comments about Sharon being “independent of Captain America” highly suggest that the character is leaning towards moving on from her failed romance with Steve. That said, the kiss that the pair shared during Civil War could serve as Sharon's closure with the Avenger.

Interestingly, VanCamp previously revealed in a separate interview that the lack of closure between Sharon and Steve will not be addressed in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . In a way, it makes narrative sense, considering that Steve didn't really tell Sam (or even Bucky) about his true ending with Peggy, thus making it seem that the kiss was only a one-off.

Regardless, Sharon appears to be pleased with her new status in High Town, and fan speculation even suggests that the former SHIELD agent has taken a darker turn as the mysterious Power Broker.

At this stage, the future of Sharon after the Marvel series is unknown, but it's safe to say that her shared bond with Steve will likely remain a thing of the past if ever the character returns in a future project.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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