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The fan reception to The Book of Boba Fett has been a fascinating thing to observe. Initial reactions to the series were lukewarm; it was largely agreed that the show was effectively telling the story of Boba's past on Tatooine, but Lord Fett's present-day conflict was lacking. However, "Chapter 5 - Return of The Mandalorian" breathed new life into the show, and the latest episode has been met with unparalleled excitement.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett.

As anticipated, "Chapter 6" of The Book of Boba Fett saw the return of Luke Skywalker and Grogu. In an episode packed with jaw-dropping moments - ranging from Ahsoka Tano's cameo, the showdown between Cobb Vanth and Cad Bane, and the creation of the new Jedi Temple - it was the calmer sequences with Master and Padawan that left fans stunned.

Luke, once again played by Mark Hamill with assistance from a new body stand-in, has embraced the opportunity to teach his first student, though he's unsure if Grogu's heart is really invested in the Jedi way. As Ahsoka explained to Mando, the little green guy misses Din tremendously, an attachment that weighs on his ability to focus on the Force in much the same way his father figure struggles to master the Darksaber.

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It's abundantly clear to Luke that the bond Grogu and Din share isn't going away - especially not when the latter is swinging by to drop off gifts. In her growing wisdom, Ahsoka advises that Luke trust his own instincts regarding Grogu's training as opposed to directing him on how to proceed. She dips out gracefully in a manner that only Ahsoka could, and Luke is left with some big decisions to make.

By the end of the episode, Luke offers Grogu a choice: he can either accept the beskar chain mail that Din had forged for him, or he can take ownership of Yoda's recovered lightsaber. The catch is that choosing the armor will result in a return to Mando's graces, whereas the lightsaber would be Grogu's decision to pursue the Jedi path in full.

It's an impossible choice for a toddler to make, but Master Luke may have a Yoda-esque twist up his sleeve... one that could see a continuation of their relationship in a big way.

Luke's Proposal Is A Test

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Beskar armor or a legendary lightsaber. Talk about sticking a 50-year-old child between a rock and a hard place.

Fortunately for Grogu, the Luke Skywalker that fans know and love isn't cruel. At this point in the timeline, Luke hasn't lost sight of himself and is willing to discuss concerns he has with his students as opposed to taking egregious action. There's only one way to truly determine where Grogu's heart is - and that's to ask him.

Luke's journey to becoming a Jedi was unlike one any other had to endure. While he was able to spend time with both Obi-Wan and Yoda, he did a significant amount of learning on his own. Because of this, his masters' old school mentality never rubbed off on him in the ways that it did to Jedi of previous generations - a manner of thinking that ultimately led to the Order's demise.

Since seeing "Chapter 6," many have been hung up on Luke's seemingly vehement refusal for any attachments to be formed. In this case, it appears those viewers are forgetting the core element of what makes Luke Skywalker special: he embraces attachments.

It was Luke's attachment to his father, and vice versa, that compelled Anakin Skywalker to return and his save his son from the Emperor. Against the wishes of his masters, Luke held out hope that Darth Vader could be turned, believing that there was still a sliver of good remaining in his father. It was a gamble that could have cost him his life, but his love for Anakin ultimately proved him correct.

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Grogu is in a similar, but far less dire, situation with Din. The little one views Mando like a father figure, desperate to be reunited with the man who gave him a chance at a life that exile had deprived him of. But if he learns to master his abilities, Grogu would be able to protect both Din and himself... though, as Luke mentions, he runs the risk of out-aging Mando before he can ever return to him.

Unless Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni continue a trend of fundamentally misunderstanding Luke Skywalker, there's little chance that the lesson the new master learned in Return of the Jedi will go unrecognized. A student of George Lucas himself, Filoni knows all too well how Luke's story drives home the emphasis of love and compassion, and giving Grogu an ultimatum would be ignoring the Son of Skywalker's values.

While he may be asking Grogu to make a choice, Luke will end up giving him both items. If anything, he's counting on Grogu to pick the chain mail. He wants him too. Luke understands loyalty and love of family better than any Jedi before him, even Anakin. While he may have reservations about potentially creating another Vader, allowing attachments is an evolution of the Jedi Order that Luke would make to see it thrive.

A Jedi's heart should be filled with compassion for others, and Grogu choosing the armor from Din is the care for family that Luke himself has demonstrated. He discussed Yoda multiple times in "Chapter 6," even pointing out that each piece of wisdom the ancient master shared was like a riddle. Luke's proposal to Grogu is also a riddle, inspired directly by his own teacher. Only after following his instincts will Grogu be able to comprehend the lesson Luke is trying to teach. And this will be the true beginning of his journey.

Post-Credits Scene Reveals New Series

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Lucasfilm officially dipped its foot in post-credit water following the finale of The Mandalorian Season 2, which ironically was used to announce The Book of Boba Fett. "Chapter 7" should be focused completely on the coming conflict between Lord Fett and the Pykes, but a sequence after the credits could fittingly reveal the choice Grogu makes and how that will affect him going forward.

It should be assumed that Grogu's time with Luke is far from over. While he'll eventually return to Din's side (that backseat in the N-1 fighter isn't there for show), there's still more Grogu will need to learn in order to keep himself safe. What's next for the Foundling and his mentor?

Tales of the Jedi.

For those out of the loop, images were shared over a month ago depicting Holiday 2021 gifts for Lucasfilm employees. An item presented to each worker for the company had the logos of the projects worked on over the course of the year, all of which were familiar except one: Tales of the Jedi. Initial speculation suggested the project could be an unannounced animation anthology, perhaps something that follows the escapades of Jedi from all eras.

But given the cliffhanger for Luke and Grogu's relationship, the advancements in technology that allowed Luke to be restored to his youthful glory, and the precedent set by The Mandalorian's post-credit scene, there's a high likelihood Tales of the Jedi is actually a surprise live-action show following Grogu's training under Luke. The 2022 calendar is seemingly stacked for Lucasfilm, but the series would need to drop before The Mandalorian Season 3 so Grogu can be back by Din's side.

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Perhaps Tales of the Jedi is something that could come in the Fall, filling the void between Andor and The Mandalorian Season 3? The Bad Batch Season 2 can stream concurrently with other projects, so overlap won't be as much of a concern in that regard - and it's slated for the Spring, regardless. A post-credit surprise announcement could throw fans a bone, and further details would almost certainly be shared during Star Wars Celebration in May.

Ultimately, The Mandalorian is the story of the bond between Din Djarin and Grogu. To remove the kid would be fundamentally changing altering the heart of the show. The stage has been set for Grogu to travel across the stars with his father figure once more, but not until he's handy with his lightsaber and has relearned the abilities that he blocked out for decades.

Grogu's decision and what the future may hold will be revealed when The Book of Boba Fett's final episode debuts Wednesday on Disney+.

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