Who Is Blake Roman? 5 Things to Know About Hazbin Hotel's Angel Dust Actor

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Blake Roman, Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel's Angel Dust voice actor, Blake Roman, has been turning heads as a part of the R-rated musical comedy. 

The hit Amazon Prime Video series just ended its long-awaited first season to rave reviews, as YouTuber Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano's vision of an animated Hell came to fruition on the back of an A-list cast (click here to see the full Hazbin Hotel cast list). 

Roman joined the series as the charismatic Angel Dust, a tragic figure in the series whose bounding confidence helps cover some internal insecurities.  

5 Facts To Get To Know Hazbin Hotel's Blake Roman Better

Blake Roman
Blake Roman

Blake Roman Attended the University of Michigan

Before working in Hollywood, Blake Roman graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of Michigan in 2019. 

The actor was born and raised in rural Erie, Pennsylvania, with musical theater never being seen as a viable career. However, showing great talent in his local circles caught the eye of the University of Michigan.

It was his fourth-grade choir director who pushed him on the path toward musical theater fame, telling the actor at 10 years old, he had a gift. According to Roman, "It was while doing community theatre during my junior year of high school" that he "started looking at it as more of an actual career path:"

"I didn’t really get exposed to musical theatre until middle school. It was while doing community theatre during my junior year of high school that I started looking at it as more of an actual career path. After graduating from high school, I took a gap year to audition and put my whole heart into it. And got into Michigan."

In 2019, Roman received the Equity/Alan Eisenberg scholarship recognizing "outstanding talent and career potential" for a graduating senior from the school's Musical Theater Department (per Actors Equity).

While in school, Roman led musical theater staples like Sweeny Todd, Sweet Charity, and Our Town, while also being a featured singer in several other productions.

Before Hazbin Hotel, Blake Was on Broadway

While Hazbin Hotel might introduce Blake Roman's talents to many, he has been wowing on Broadway for quite some time. 

Roman was cast as Chopin in the 2023 revival of the Broadway musical Harmony.

After being cast in May 2023, the Hazbin actor was a member of its core cast throughout its 2023/2024 run, with its final show premiering on February 4, 2024. 

Describing the Barry Manilow-composed musical, Roman posited at the show's premiere that it is about "six guys" who "came into international fame" and why "you've never heard of them" (via Broadway.com):

"So it's about six guys who lived in the 1930s, came into international fame, and it's basically a story of why you've never heard of them. And I think that that's really all people should know going into it, because you gotta get in the theater, you gotta get in the seat in order to experience the show."

Blake Resonates with Angel Dust's Independence

One of the biggest reasons Blake Roman was drawn to his Hazbin Hotel character, Angel Dust, was his strong sense of independence. 

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter during the animated series' run, Roman remarked "The thing about Angel that struck me the most is his fierce independence:"

"The thing about Angel that struck me the most is his fierce independence, and that undoubtedly comes from an intense need to be free from people judging him; people trying to take advantage of him; people coming to conclusions about what his personality is before they even know him." 

He added Angel Dust uses ways to "control the narrative and control people by giving into their assumptions," but he always does it to his advantage:

"There are ways in which Angel Dust tries to control the narrative and control people by giving in to their assumptions, and he uses that to his own advantage."

Breaking down some of the new experiences he had voicing the animated characters, he said he got to explore the "performative spectrum:"

"We had scenes where I had to voice and record a bunch of sex noises, and then later on, have a very intimate, or very emotional conversation that doesn’t lie in any performative spectrum. There’s the side of Angel that is on when he’s on camera, and there’s the side of Angel that sometimes the door cracks open, and you see a whole different version. What is that inflection? What’s the vocal?"

Blake Writes His Own Music

For those who cannot get enough of Blake Roman's voice, he has released music online that fans can enjoy. 

Released under his name, the Hazbin Hotel star has released several songs online including a full EP titled I Like It in 2021. 

He has put out several other tracks as well, with most of his music being a distinct mix of guitar with a tinge of Flaming Lips-esque psychedelia. 

Roman's music can be found on his personal SoundCloud account. 

Blake Gets Mistaken for Tom Holland

Blake Roman has admitted he gets mistaken for another star in Hollywood: Spider-Man actor Tom Holland

In a conversation with Mustard Lane, Roman was asked if there were any stars people think he looks like, to which he quickly replied "Tom Holland:"

Q: "Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Or are you a mashup of celebrities? Which ones?"
A: "Tom Holland!"

He also revealed he had horses, chickens, dogs, and cats as pets growing up, a movie that describes him (which is Mallrats), and his definition of success:

Q: "What pets did you have growing up?"

A: "I grew up on a farm, so at most we had… over 20 animals at one point? Horses, chickens, dogs, cats.. the works."

Q: "What is a movie title that best describes you?"

A: "'Mallrats.'"

Q: "How do you define success?"

A: "To me, success is any instance or action in which you are able to give something back to world. To make a difference or sew some goodness into people’s lives–whether it’s by way of some charitable endeavor or just making someone’s day better in a small way."

How To Follow Blake Roman Online

Fans looking to keep up with Blake Roman online can follow him on Instagram (@ItsBlackRoman) and X (formerly Twitter - @Blakes_Not_Real).

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