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Before fans met the silver-tongued Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel, the character suffered a tragic death in the real world. 

The A24 and Amazon Prime Video-produced R-rated musical series follows a cast of characters who have died and gone to Hell, as some of them venture to believe these banished souls deserve a chance at redemption. 

One of these central sinners is Angel Dust (voiced by Broadway star Blake Roman), a sex worker and adult film star in the series' brimstone-ladened locale. 

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Angel Dust's Death Explained

While it is alluded to in Hazbin Hotel, fans may have missed the exact details of how series mainstay Angel Dust died. 

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Angel Dust is one of the key characters in Hazbin's hellish plot, being a frequent patron of the hotel the series takes its name from and a collaborator/friend of the Prime Video hit's main character, Charlie Morningstar. 

While Angel Dust spends his days as a sex worker and adult film star in the afterlife, the character worked in a different industry before death. 

Angel Dust was born as Anthony in the early 1900s, growing up in an Italian mob family working in New York City. 

As Anthony grew up, he became more and more involved in the family business, including gun-running and the ever-growing drug trade. 

Working this closely to the illicit substances his family was peddling would end up being his downfall though. Anthony (aka Angel Dust) eventually becomes addicted to the drugs he sells. 

The character then dies because of his chemical dependency, succumbing to an overdose sometime in his early 30s (in 1947). 

From there, Anthony would enter Hell, quickly becoming wrapped up in the sex work industry. He distanced himself from his mob ties in the real world, adopting the performer name 'Angel Dust.'

Even in death, Angel Dust continues his love of narcotics, drowning out his sorrows with illicit substances, constant sex, and a twisted sense of humor. 

For much of his time as the biggest adult film star in Hell, Angel Dust works under the conniving overlord Valentino. Valentino has ownership over Angel Dust's soul, being one of the sinner demon's biggest names at his renowned Hell-based porn studio. 

What Is Next for Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel Season 2?

While the specifics of Hazbin Hotel Season 2 have not yet been shared, there have been some indications of where Angel Dust specifically will go in the next batch of episodes. 

Much of the series thus far has been focused on Angel Dust's abusive working relationship with Valentino, as the overlord still holds ownership of the character's souls. 

Some have speculated that could all change in Season 2. 

A major character arc that could present itself in Hazbin's second season may see Angel Dust finally break free of his eternal contract with Valentino. 

The series has held deep themes of redemption and never giving up on someone since its inception. So, Angel Dust purging Hell of his oppressive employer could be the perfect way to give this character the arc he so deserves. 

Ever since Angel Dust got to Hell (and one could argue even before), he has lived under the binding hold of an inescapable force, whether it be the contract he signed with Valentino or the high of the narcotics he is addicted to. 

What better way to flesh the character out even further than by freeing him from these ties and letting him live without the fear of a force beyond his control? 

Hazbin Hotel is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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