Black Widow's David Harbour Gives Insight Into Movie's Family Dynamic

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As the world awaits news regarding the release of the highly desired Black Widow solo film, and with it's date not yet changed, promotional material continues to come out as scheduled. Not only is Black Widow the long awaited, first solo outing for the beloved character, it is also the first film in Marvel Studios' Phase 4. Without much revealed about the film's plot, it seems interviews with the film's actors will be the primary outlet for any insight into the film's intriguing storyline. Earlier this week, an article from Variety came out with casting news regarding a young Natasha Romanoff. On top of that, according to a new interview released with one of the film's main actors, it looks like there will be long-awaited answers surrounding Natasha Romanoff's childhood revealed in the film.


In a new Entertainment Weekly interview with Black Widow's own David Harbour, a new detail on the familial relationship between the film's main characters has seemingly been revealed. The EW interview mentions that as children, Natasha Romanoff and newcomer MCU character, Yelena Belova, went undercover as a spy family with Alexei (Harbour's character) and Melina posing as their parents. Given all that information, Harbour says:

The result... is a Marvel movie that almost feels more like an indie family dramedy, thanks to Cate Shortland’s intimate directing style and a few scenes of awkward family dinners. Still, he adds, there are plenty of action sequences and wild, blockbuster-worthy stunts — even if he himself isn't such a fan of the fight scenes.


Black Widow has always been one of the MCU's most mysterious characters, and according to David Harbour's interview it seems many curious fans will get the answers they have been yearning for since the character's introduction in Iron Man 2 . Not only does this interview hint at some of these secrets being revealed, Harbour also lauds the film's unique tone. Given Harbour's description of an "indie family dramedy" it looks like Black Widow will show fans a side of Natasha that they are not as familiar with. The news of a potential look at Natasha as a child for the first time in the MCU's history paired with fresh details surrounding the dynamic of Natasha's pre-Avengers family adds yet another layer of intrigue to the inaugural film of the MCU's much anticipated Phase 4.

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