Black Widow's Alternate Death Scene Rediscovered by Fans

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Black Widow's Alternate Vormir Death Scene

It has been almost a year since the Marvel Cinematic Universe's major crossover event Avengers: Endgame premiered. The film served as a farewell for some of Marvel's major superheroes, including the spy-turned-superhero Black Widow. In the months after the film premiered, the writers, directors, and editors of Avengers: Endgame talked in length about the process of putting together the final film, mentioning many alternate versions of the scenes that made it to theaters. One such alterante scene was Black Widow's death on Vormir, which Avengers: Endgame editors Jeffrey Ford and Matthew Schmidt once referenced as being drastically different , featuring a small battle between Clint and Natasha against the forces of Thanos. The alternate scene had been previously released with the launch of the film on Disney+, but now fans are rediscovering the exciting sequence.


Black Widow's alternate death scene on Vormir, which had previously been exclusive to the Avengers: Endgame extras, has now been widely released on Twitter, allowing many fans to experience the exciting alternate sequence for the first time. The alternate version of the scene can be seen below:

This version of the scene was initially included in one of the final cuts of the film, even going so far as to be shown to test audiences, but the filmmakers eventually altered the sequence in order to include the more intimate fight scene between Hawkeye and Black Widow that fans ultimately saw.


It is always interesting to see alternate versions of iconic scenes, especially for scenes within films as important as Avengers: Endgame . The inclusion of this scene would have explained one minor plot element of the final film, which sees Nebula attempting to warn Clint and Natasha that Thanos knows of their plan after she acquired the Power Stone on Morag, a warning which seemed to serve no purpose given that Natasha and Clint never ended up being in any danger. The alternate Vormir sequence also proves just how hard the Marvel filmmakers work to create the best version of a film.

Though featuring more action and excitement, it is evident as to why the filmmakers opted for a more personal final scene between the two heroes. In this version, the conflict between Clint and Natasha can get lost within the action around them, whereas in the final cut, their conflict and emotions are front and center. With alternate scenes, however, there will always be fans that prefer the alternate versions to the final ones, and there is nothing wrong with that. The continued conversations fans have with topics such as this just show to prove how much these films mean to people, and here's hoping the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to inspire these debates for years to come.

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