Black Widow Writer Reveals Why It Only Took 11 Days To Write the Movie

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Marvel's fourth phase is kicking it into full gear.

With Loki nearing the end of its run, Marvel Studios will have successfully put out three Disney+ shows — all before any new film has arrived in theaters. Of course, in a branch timeline, that's not the case. The world would have had Black Widow already.

The long journey of Black Widow is nothing new for most. Having originally been scheduled for release last year, the pandemic did what pandemics do and was responsible for getting it delayed countless times. Thankfully, that nightmare is over as the film's release is right around the corner

The Natasha Romanoff solo flick is set to explore Black Widow's past, telling a story that takes place between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Having had so much history to sort through, it's easy to wonder how long it took Marvel to write and complete Black Widow. The film's screenwriter, Eric Pearson, was able to shed some light on that very question.


Black Widow Scarlett Johansson Red Room

In an interview with VarietyBlack Widow screenwriter Eric Pearson revealed an interesting piece of information regarding the upcoming film: it was written in just 11 days.

Pearson confidently exclaimed, that "once [I] know what [I'm] doing, I write fast...":

“We got our good bones down meeting with Kevin [Feige] and [co-producer] Brian Chapek and [director] Cate Shortland and talking to Scarlett [Johansson] a lot. She was phoning in, and then I was locking it into a document that was just like a blueprint. And once I know what I’m doing, I write fast. … That was the first draft, but we did a lot of rewrites.”


11 days certainly seems like a quick turnaround for writing a film, but it's important to note Pearson's clarification that those 11 days refer to the first draft being completed. Films, and generally most stories, are rewritten dozens of times before they get to the point of a polished finished product.

Hopefully, the long wait for Black Widow will be worth it, and the world can finally meet her Russian family — which includes new MCU mainstay Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova. While Natasha Romanoff might be done in the MCU, Belova is not only set to stay around but potentially even take up her mantle as the Black Widow.

Fans don't have to wait long now, as in just a matter of days Black Widow will be available both in theaters and on Disney+ Premium Access this Friday, July 9.

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