Black Panther 3: Marvel Producer Confirms 'Ideas' Exist for Third Movie

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While Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has yet to premiere, Marvel Studios may have teased a bright future for the Black Panther franchise. 

The upcoming MCU sequel is set to introduce a horde of new characters, such as Dominique Thorne's Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart, and Tenoch Huerta's Namor. While the former is confirmed to have her own Disney+ series, talks of a spin-off for Namor are still in doubt, especially after Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's blunt response when asked about the topic. 

Meanwhile, it is still unknown what's next for Wakanda after the highly-anticipated sequel. However, given that the movie is set to introduce a new female Black Panther, it seems poised to return for a potential Black Panther 3

Now, one Marvel Studios producer has addressed the franchise's future in a new interview. 

Will Marvel Studios Release Black Panther 3?

Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Speaking with Collider, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore talked about the possibility of seeing a Black Panther 3. 

When asked if the studio will develop another entry to the Wakandan franchise, Moore pointed out that they need to see "how audiences receive" Black Panther: Wakanda Forever first before making a decision. 

The Marvel producer also shared that there are "ideas we've floated around" about the story of the franchise's next chapter:  

“That’s a great question. To be honest, this is not me trying to not answer the question. We really want to see how audiences receive the film, and I think Ryan’s really interested to see how the film plays before we decide. There are certainly ideas we’ve floated around of what a third film could be if we get to make it. But until the movie comes out, we’re a bit superstitious in that way. We don’t want to count our chickens, because you never know what’s going to happen.”

In an interview with Gizmodo, Moore revealed that he'd love Black Panther director Ryan Coogler to come back for a third movie, confirming that Marvel Studios has already begun discussing it. 

The producer reiterated that there have been "ideas thrown around" for a possible Black Panther 3

“That’s the million-dollar question. Look, you never want to count your chickens before they hatch and the movie’s not out yet. Right now it’s like, let’s see how people respond to this film. But the hope is audiences demand that we make another one and certainly, there have been ideas thrown around. So we’ll see.”

Coogler chimed in on the conversation, admitting that he still hasn't thought about returning in a potential third movie. 

“I haven’t thought about it, to be honest. When it comes to writing and directing, I’m not the world’s greatest multitasker. I kind of got to do what is in front of me and be singular. When it comes to producing, I’m more geared up to be able to do multiple things. And to plan things, I’ve got a great production company and fantastic collaborators that can help move things along. But when it comes to writing, and in this case, co-writing and directing, I’ve got to finish what’s in front of me and then and then think of all that is happening after that.”

The Black Panther director's comment isn't surprising since he has been attached to serve as a producer in the Ironheart Disney+ series, which will bring back Wakanda Forever's Dominque Thorne as the titular hero and also introduce Anthony Ramos as an MCU villain.

Why Black Panther 3 Needs to Debut in Phase 7 & Beyond

Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore's comments about Black Panther 3 are promising, but it seems to suggest that the studio will take its time first before going into another round of discussion about a threequel. If anything, this is a good sign since nothing good ever comes out of a rushed project. 

If a Black Panther 3 does indeed happen, a major point of discussion will be its possible release date. At this stage, the MCU has a stacked Phase 5 & 6 lineup, and clearly, there might be room for Wakanda's threequel to be included. 

However, some would say that Black Panther 3 could be a better fit for Phase 7 and beyond, mainly because the MCU's next saga of movies needs a familiar anchor moving forward. 

Given that Wakanda Forever already has mutant ties in Namor, it would seem appropriate for the threequel to incorporate a story on how the African nation adjusts to a new horde of Mutants, considering that the MCU's next saga is rumored to mainly focus on the X-Men

Whatever the case, the fact that there are "ideas" that are floating around means that Black Panther and Wakanda are here to stay, especially considering the African nation's impact on the larger MCU. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to premiere in theaters on Friday, November 11. 

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