Black Panther 2 Producer Confirms 'Direct Sequel' Disney+ Show Incoming

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The story of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever won't end with the big-screen epic as one hero's MCU story will continue in a "direct sequel" on Disney+.

Marvel Studios' upcoming Wakandan sequel will introduce many new players into the MCU, including an all-new Black Panther and Namor. Beyond that, Wakanda Forever will also mark the live-action debut of Riri Williams, a young MIT genius who develops her own Iron Man-inspired suit to become Ironheart.

Fans have already been treated to the first look at Ironheart in action, with the new hero expected to go through multiple evolutions of suits in her MCU debut alone. This comes ahead of Williams leading her own series with Ironheart - which just recently wrapped filming - set to premiere on Disney+ in Fall 2023.

Now, a Marvel Studios producer has addressed exactly how Ironheart connects to Black Panther 2.

Black Panther 2 Sequel Revealed for Disney+

Ironheart, Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore addressed how the Ironheart Disney+ series will follow Riri Williams' journey after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as a "direct sequel."

Moore first noted that the concept of the show came around after Dominique Thorne had been cast as Ironheart for Black Panther 2 and the studio began talks about "what the show could be:"

"That show is an outgrowth of how much we liked her in this movie and even on the page. So, when we talked with [Dominique Throne] initially, obviously the character had been written to the script and she was the one and only person we talked about for the role. When she said yes and we were down the road with the script, we also started talking with [Ryan Coogler] about what the show could be."

The MCU producer added that Ironheart will serve as a "direct sequel to the movie" as it explores the "interesting repercussions" of Williams' journey and experiences in Wakanda Forever

"So, the show is a direct sequel to the movie, and [Riri Williams] is carrying the experiences she had in this movie back home to MIT. And there are some interesting repercussions to her adventures that will set her on a fun course."

How Black Panther 2 Will Set Up Disney+'s Ironheart

With Ironheart poised to serve as a "direct sequel" to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it's now apparent what led to Ryan Coogler coming on board as a producer on his first Disney+ project. This seems to indicate he will continue being involved in developing her story in the MCU going forward.

Clearly, whatever the young genius experiences in her MCU debut will impact her solo adventure, perhaps as these events are what will trigger her journey to becoming a superhero. But the story Ironheart will be going on does appear to be rather standalone from everything happening in Wakanda Forever.

While the Black Panther sequel will be diving headfirst into the war between Wakanda and Talokan, Ironheart will be going a different route. The Iron Man spin-off will surprisingly be implementing some magical connections as the technical goes head-to-head with the mystical for a unique showdown.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters on Friday, November 11. Ironheart will follow in Fall 2023, exclusively on Disney+.

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