Black Adam 2 Is Reportedly Closer Than We Thought

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Black Adam 2

Black Adam has finally hit the public with its theatrical release, but is it already time to start thinking about a sequel?

After being in development for more than a decade, Dwayne Johnson now has the opportunity to share his vision for Teth-Adam with the world thanks to Black Adam's debut on October 21 within the DCU. And due to the nature of the superhero movie world in this day and age, crew members and viewers alike already have their visions set on what could come to fruition in a potential Black Adam 2.

Of course, the first movie's mid-credits scene reintroduced fans to Henry Cavill's Superman, setting up a potential conflict between the Man in Black and the Man of Steel in an upcoming movie. There's also Amanda Waller's return to consider now that she has ties to the Justice Society and the Suicide Squad, meaning she'll have her hands in a number of story threads moving forward.

But when could Black Adam 2 make its way into the newly-rebranded DC Universe? According to one insider, it may be sooner than many think.

Black Adam 2 Already In the Works?

Black Adam Movie Characters

Speaking on the John Campea Show, film producer Robert Meyer Burnett shared that there is already progress being made on a sequel to Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

Campea heard reports that the script for Black Adam 2 is already done with the studio potentially ready to "roll into shooting this thing in like four months" should everything be finished by that time:

“… I like the philosophy they’re like, ’Look we waited 15 years to get Dwayne The Rock Johnson as [Black Adam], let’s take advantage of this. He says in this, ‘We’ll have a script ready pretty fast.’ I have definitively heard from somebody on the inside, their script’s done. They’ve got a second script. Now, they may want to tinker with it depending on what how the reactions are to the first film, but they literally could probably roll into shooting this thing in like four months if they wanted to. 

He feels that "as long as this movie is profitable," setting the expectation around a $475 million box office return, Black Adam 2 could go into pre-production quite soon:

So I suspect, as long as this movie is profitable. And I’ll set the line at 475 [million dollars worldwide]. If they can make 475 [million dollars worldwide], I think they almost instantly go into pre-production worldwide… But I don’t know. Rob [Burnett], you’re hearing they’re saying we’re going to move it very, very fast on the second one. I mean, obviously we gotta find out how it does to know if they’re going to do a second one. But… how quickly do you think we could see a second 'Black Adam'?”

Burnett agreed on this position, noting that Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) would likely want an even bigger return to get production going on the sequel:

“Well, I think you’re right. First of all, it has to make money. I would say 475 [million dollars]… that’s the lower end. You know, they’re going to want it between five and six hundred million would be the [ideal]… That would trigger the production if they already have the script.”

This topic was also addressed by producers Hiram Garcia and Beau Flynn in an interview with as they looked past the first Black Adam movie.

While the first film took a long time to come to fruition, Flynn told the outlet "don't worry" when discussing how long it will be until a sequel releases:

“Don’t worry. This one will be fast.”

While no official release date has been announced for Black Adam 2, Flynn reaffirmed that the script will be ready "pretty fast:"

“We will open up the magic wagon, we’ll have the script ready, pretty fast."

When Will Black Adam 2 Release?

In less than two weeks following its release, Black Adam has totaled about $250 million at the global box office as fans take in the DCU's 11th full-length movie. While those numbers certainly aren't breaking any records, that trajectory should continue as the movie comes to more screens and keeps building its name amongst the fanbase.

Should The Rock's DC debut actually hit the aforementioned goals that Garcia and Flynn laid out, it appears that the sequel could go into production rather quickly considering how recently the original movie was released. But the real question is when exactly Black Adam 2 would make its way onto the big screen.

Thus far, the only two releases currently on the schedule for the DCU are The Flash in June 2023 and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom six months later. But should Black Adam actually make waves during its theatrical run, there's a solid chance that this status will change not too long from now.

Black Adam is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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