Will Billions Season 8 Happen? Showrunner Reveals the Answer

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Billions showrunner Brian Koppelman has a disappointing update about the show's future, specifically regarding Season 8.

Even before Season 7 aired, fans already knew that the upcoming season would be its last. 

In June 2023, President & CEO of Showtime, MTV Entertainment Studios, and Paramount Media Networks Chris McCarthy confirmed the news while also hyping up the final season as something that is full of "incredible, complex dialogue and character dynamics:"

“‘Billions’ has deftly explored power, money, and greed in a way that not only made it a massive hit but also defined its own genre thanks to the creative brain trust of Brian and David. This final season is packed full of the incredible, complex dialogue and character dynamics fans have come to love, and we are thrilled to partner with them on turning this hit series into a global franchise.”

Despite the news of Billions' ending after seven seasons, there are still those who are eagerly anticipating a surprise announcement regarding Season 8. 

Will Billions Season 8 Happen? Showrunner Reveals the Answer

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In an interview with The 92nd Street, Billions showrunner and executive producer Brian Koppelman once again confirmed that Season 7 is the show's final season. 

When The 92nd Street gave a shoutout to former Showtime CEO David Nevins, Koppelman noted that he "had faith in the show at the beginning:"

Littleton: “I just wanted to say, I feel like, a very deserved shoutout to Mr. David Nevins, who previously ran Showtime, and greenlit this show.”

Koppelman: “Yes, he’s a dear friend of ours and had faith in the show at the beginning, and we are incredibly grateful to him, and all these… He, Amy Israel, and Gary Levine at the beginning were incredibly helpful."

Koppelman continued by pointing out that, "[They're] done now," indicating that Season 8 will no longer happen: 

"But Showtime, I’ll say… We’re done now, there’s no reason to, Showtime’s been incredibly supportive the entire time of the show, and right now, the support we’ve had has been great.”

Wait, Is It the End of the Billions Universe?

Despite this confirmation, this doesn't mean that it is the end of the Billions universe.

In February 2023, The Hollywood Reporter shared that four spin-off series were in development that are set in the Billions world. This came after the finance drama became Showtime's longest-running scripted original series. 

The four shows are Billions: Miami, Billions: London, Millions, and Trillions

Billions: Miami is reportedly set in the world of private aviation while Billions: London tackles the ups and downs in the financial scene of the United Kingdom. 

As for Millions, the report stated that the spin-off would highlight the ups and downs of financial moguls who are in their 30s. 

Trillions would then focus on fictional stories centered around the richest people in the world.

All in all, it looks like the end of Billions allowed the franchise to expand in meaningful ways. In fact, this could also pave the way for some of the cast members of the original series to appear in the spin-off shows.

Billions Season 7 is available to stream on Paramount+.

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