Full Cast of Beacon 23 - Every Main Actor & Character In New Series (Photos)

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Beacon 23 features a remarkable cast of actors headlined by Lena Headey, Stephan James, and Natasha Mumba. 

Created by Zak Penn, Beacon 23 is a new psychological thriller from MGM+ that tackles the story of two individuals named Aster (Lena Headey) and Halan (Stephan James) who are trapped together at the end of the known universe. 

Beacon 23 made its premiere on MGM+ on November 12.

Every Main Actor & Character in Beacon 23 

Lena Headey - Aster Calyx

Lena Headey as Aster Calyx
Lena Headey

Lena Headey portrays Aster Calyx, an analyst from the Interstellar Space Authority (ISA) who gets trapped together with Halan in the Dark Matter. 

After an intense confrontation with Halan due to the fact that she notices that he's lying about his identity as Solomon, Aster teams up with him to try and get home. But first, they need to find the mineral samples and bring them back to the ISA. 

Game of Thrones fans may recognize Lena Headey for her role as Cersei Lannister in the HBO series. The actress also has credits in Possession, 300, and Dredd

Stephan James - Halan Kai Nelson

Stephan James as Halan Kai Nelson
Stephan James

Halan Kai Nelson (played by Stephan James) is a disgruntled pilot from the ISA who suffers from PTSD after his crew was killed when they came into contact with the unidentified mineral samples that Aster is trying to find. 

The said mineral samples are later revealed to be the primary reason why Halan is suffering from PTSD. 

James is best known for his role as Michael in the Chadwick Boseman-led film, 21 Bridges. The actor was also part of the cast of Race, Selma, and If Beale Street Could Talk

Natasha Mumba - Harmony

Natasha Mumba as Harmony
Natasha Mumba

Natasha Mumba is Harmony in Beacon 23

Harmony is Aster's personal AI that helps her escape when Halan tries to take her hostage. 

Mumba previously appeared alongside Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in HBO's The Last of Us as Kim. She also has credits in The Handmaid's Tale and Good Sam.

Marnie McPhail - Dr. Rojan Kandeddy

Marnie McPhail as Dr. Rojan Kandeddy
Marnie McPhail

Marine McPhail's Dr. Rojan Kandeddy is the Minister of Equity of the Elau Colony. 

The character tries to gain unauthorized access to Aster and Halan's ship to get supplies of food and necessities for her own group. 

Perhaps McPhail's most recognizable role is playing Annie Edison in The Edison Twins. She also appeared as Dr. Pam Teller in Orphan Black: Echoes.

Wade Bogert-O’Brien - Bart

Wade Bogert-O’Brien
Wade Bogert-O’Brien

Bart (voiced by Wade Bogert-O'Brien) is the AI droid that resides inside the ship that Halan stole during Episode 1. 

Bart later helps Aster capture Halan and uncover the truth behind his real identity. 

Bogert-O’Brien is known for his notable roles in Frontier, Good Witch, and Anne with an E

Daniel Malik - Finch

Daniel Malik
Daniel Malik

Daniel Malik plays Finch in Beacon 23.

Malik is widely known for his roles as Black Phillip in The Witch, Sam Rigaud in Ransom, and Black Sky Leader in The Expanse.

Carolina Bartczak - Dr. Ree Avalon

Carolina Bartczak
Carolina Bartczak

Dr. Ree Avalon is played on-screen by Carolina Bartczak. 

Bartczak is a Polish-Canadian actor who previously appeared as Lily Kryger in Painkillers, Brenda Lopez in Moonfall, and Magda in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Cyrus Faird - Tech Wrecker

Cyrus Faird
Cyrus Faird

Cyrus Faird plays the tech guy of the bandits known as The Wreckers. 

In Episode 2, Cyrus hacks Bart's system and locks him out of his own memories. 

Faird has credits in Reign, Remedy, and Murdoch Mysteries.

Hannah Melissa Scott - Teenage Aster

Hannah Melissa Scott
Hannah Melissa Scott

Hannah Melissa Scott portrays the teenage version of Aster during flashbacks.

Scott's other notable credit is playing Marie in Mrs. America.

Dani Klupsch - Bigface

Dani Klupsch
Dani Klupsch

Bigface is a muscular woman who is a member of The Wreckers. The character is portrayed on-screen by Dani Klupsch. 

Bigface's real name is Madanchi Tritujuma, and it is revealed that she came from one of the outer mining camps. She eventually joins Timur's group for bounties.

Klupsch is known for her work in Nightmare Alley and The Sean Ward Show.

Sydney Ozerov-Meyer - Grisha

Sydney Ozerov-Meyer
Sydney Ozerov-Meyer

Sydney Ozerov-Meyer joins the cast of Beacon 23 as Grisha.

The actress has over 20 credits to her name, with roles in The Good Doctor, Y: The Last Man, and Slasher.

Eric Lange - Milan Aleph

Eric Lange
Eric Lange

Milan Aleph (played by Eric Lange) is the chief information officer of a private company called QTA. 

In Episode 4, Aleph disguises himself as a maintenance worker to try and investigate the mysterious artifact that Halan and Aster encountered. Aleph is anti-social and usually works alone. 

Lange is known for his roles in Escape at Dannemora, Narcos, and Lost.

Marc Menchaca - Keir

Marc Menchaca
Marc Menchaca

Marc Menchaca plays Keir in Beacon 23.

Ozark fans may recognize Menchaca for his role as Russ Langmore. The actor also appeared in Homeland and Inside Amy Schumer.

Sandrine Holt - Coley

Sandrine Holt
Sandrine Holt

Coley is Aster's business partner whom she betrayed in Beacon 23. The character is played by Sandrine Holt. 

Holt is set to make her MCU debut as Vanessa Fisk in Marvel Studios' Daredevil: Born Again. As for her previous roles, Holt has credits in Homeland, House of Cards, and Better Call Saul.

Ellen Wong - Iris

Ellen Wong
Ellen Wong

Ellen Wong is part of Beacon 23's cast as Iris.

Wong is known for her roles in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Glow, and Dark Matter.

Beacon 23 is now streaming on MGM+.

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