Full Cast of Beacon 23 Season 2 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Beacon 23 Season 2 Cast

Beacon 23 is back for Season 2 on the shoulders of an incredible cast headlined by Game of Thrones' Lena Headey. 

The MGM+ sci-fi series jumps back into its unique brand of space-faring action with its second batch of episodes starting their run on April 7. 

Season 2 will be eight episodes long and see much of the first season's stacked cast return, as the series continues its tale of twisted fates told at the edge of the known universe. 

Main Characters & Actors in Beacon 23 Season 2

Lena Headey - Aster Calyx

Lena Headey as Aster Calyx in Beacon 23

Leading the charge in Beacon 23 Season 2 is Lena Headey as Aster Calyx. Fans may remember, though, that Heady's character notably died at the end of Season 1; Aster sacrificed herself to take out the mysterious reality-bending Artifact. 

Aster is still expected to appear in Season 2. Upon her death, she relayed a prophetic message to the rest of the series' cast, setting the story on the course of a full-scale military assault.

Headey is best known for her role as Cersei Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones but has also had major roles in Dredd and Zack Snyder's 300

Stephan James - Halan Kai Nelson

Stephan James as Halan Kai Nelson in Beacon 23

Joining Aster as one of the two castaways who mysteriously wake up at the edge of the universe in Season 1, Stephan James' Halan Kai Nelson is back for Season 2. 

While Halan and Aster butted heads at some point during the series' first batch of episodes, he will take up arms in honor of his fallen friend following her death in the Season 1 finale. 

James's previous credits include Race, Selma, and Chadwick Boseman's 21 Bridges

Natasha Mumba - Harmony

Natasha Mumba as Harmony in Beacon 23

Natasha Mumba brings to life Harmony in Beacon 23. Harmony is the personal AI assistant of Lena Headey's Aster, who is left stranded without her owner after Season 1's shocking end.

Mumba can also be seen in HBO's The Last of Us, Y: The Last Man, and The Handmaiden's Tale

Marc Menchaca - Keir

Marc Menchaca as Keir in Beacon 23

Coming into the picture late in Season 1 was Keir (played by Marc Manchaca). Keir is another voyager on board the Beacon, skeptical of Halan's leadership especially after Stephan James's character decided to let Aster die in the first season's finale. 

Menchaca will be familiar to fans for his work in Netflix's Ozark, Homeland, and He's Lost Control

Ellen Wong - Iris

Ellen Wong as Iris in beacon 23

Ellen Wong joins Season 2 of the series as one of its new additions. Wong takes on the role of Iris, another space-faring citizen who joins Halan's cause in discovering the secrets of the Beacon. 

Wong's other work includes GLOW, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Dark Matter

Jess Salgueiro - Saldana

Jess Salgueiro as Saldana in Beacon

Jess Salgueiro's Saldana is a young woman who joined Keir's plan to take control of the Beacon in Season 1, however unsuccessful that effort may have been. 

Salgueiro filmography is vast with credits in Frasier, Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, and Letterkenny

Daniel Malik - Finch

Daniel Malik as Finch in Beacon 23

Finch (played by Daniel Malik) is a military man who comes aboard the Beacon as a member of Keir's insurgent group. After attempting to take control of the space lighthouse in Season 1, Finch and the rest of Keir's military outfit reluctantly join Halan's cause despite questioning his motives. 

Malik is best known for his work in The Expanse, The Witch, and Ransom

Eric Lange - Milan Aleph

Eric Lange as Milan Aleph in Beacon 23

Serving as the primary force pushing up against Halan and Aster is Eric Lange's Milan Aleph. Arriving on the Beacon long before the events of the series, Milan has made it his life mission to decode the Artifact's secrets and will do anything he can to do so. 

Lange previously appeared in Netflix's Narcos, Lost, and Escape at Dannemora

New episodes of Beacon 23 arrive on MGM+ every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. 

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