The Batman: Report Reveals Mysterious Actor In One Version of Robert Pattinson Movie

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Robert Pattinson's The Batman is next on the docket for Warner Bros' theatrical DC efforts. The Matt Reeves-directed epic has shown off two trailers thus far, and both blew minds the world over. The upcoming Batman flick looks to ground the character again, à la Christopher Nolan, while also taking notes from psychological thrillers like Zodiac and Silence of the Lambs

The Batman is set to introduce audiences to new takes on Gotham City staples like The Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman. One name that has also floated around lately has been the Joker.

Reports of Eternals star Barry Keoghan appearing in the upcoming film as Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime have begun swirling, but nothing has been confirmed. And still, nothing has been set into stone, but fans may have more reason to get excited about a potential cameo from Keoghan.

Two Cuts of The Batman

Batman, Selina Kyle, Robert Pattinson

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision newsletter, Warner Bros. has been testing two different cuts of The Batman with audiences.

Heat Vision Writer Aaron Couch revealed that sources close to him have one cut "one with a certain actor" and another "without." Couch goes on to say that "the final test screening occurred last week" and a "decision [has] now [been] made" as to which cut the studio will go with:

"Last month, the internet went a little crazy about Barry Keoghan maybe, maybe not, playing the Joker in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman. Don’t look to us to answers on that one. But we can tell you this: Multiple sources tell us that Warner Bros. has been testing two different cuts of The Batman, one with a certain actor, one without. And the final test screening occurred last week, with the decision now made as to which version the studio likes, says one source."

Another Riddle for Pattinson to Solve

Who could this mystery actor possibly be? The newsletter does say they have no confirmation that it is Barry Keoghan as the Joker, but he is the number one culprit at this point. Rumors of Gotham's most-formidable foe showing up have been the only ones that have had any weight up to this point. So mark it down - this could be Joker.

Other characters could include the likes of Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and even perhaps a young Robin. These are all heroes and villains that could make the jump perfectly into this grimy Batman universe that Matt Reeves is meticulously crafting.

Now, if Warner Bros. is deciding between two different cuts solely based on the inclusion of one character, then that person must not be in the film very much. Maybe simply a cameo that drops in for a second and then is gone.

If the mystery man (or woman) does make it into the movie they will likely be there to set up or tease a potential sequel or spin-off before the movie ultimately fades to black. 

Whoever it is, fans can take in The Batman when it hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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