Watch: MCU’s Ultron Returns In Live-Action for First Time Since Avengers 2

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Ultron, Avengers Age of Ultron

One of the Avengers' most notorious villains has a habit of not staying down, at least when it comes to appearing in new content. First appearing in the aptly named Avengers: Age of Ultron, the titular synthezoid showed up once more as a villain of galaxy-shattering power in What If...?. Now he returns once again in live-action to harry a new generation of Avengers.

Aboard the Disney Wish cruise line, which is set for its maiden voyage on July 14, fans of the MCU can experience an all-new cinematic dining experience that is proving to be quite the team-up story. As previously reported, MCU veterans Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/Captain America) and Brie Larson (Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel) have returned to bring some excitement to the show alongside Iman Velani's Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel. The Avengers have gathered to battle a dastardly foe with guests placed at the center of the action.

Footage from the attraction gives a look at Ultron's return to live-action.

Ultron Eyes Quantum Power Aboard Disney Wish

The Marvel Multiverse Youtube channel shared a glimpse at Ultron's attack on the cruise ship and his ensuing battle with the Avengers. He's not alone though; the metallic menace has brought with him an entire legion of his finest bots to grind the Avengers into submission.

Ultron: "So this is where they keep the children..."

Ant-Man: "That's a weird opening line. Think fast!"

Avengers: Quantum Encounter

 Ultron emerges from the shadows to find Ant-Man at work securing the Quantum Regulator. When Scott attempts a quick attack, it proves a bit less than effective.

Ultron: "Seriously?"

Ant-Man: "Yea...That didn't do anything."

Avengers: Quantum Encounter

 Ultron fairly easily moves Scott out of the way as he gets to the Regulator, moving one step closer to accomplishing his goals in this new story.

Ultron: "Oh get out of my way!

Avengers: Quantum Encounter

With Ant-Man out of the way (for now), Ultron absorbs the power of the Regulator and becomes an even more formidable foe in the process.

Ant-Man: "Let's say Ultron absorbed the Regulator. Could I weaponize the quantum cores to target him?"

Avengers: Quantum Encounter

Thrumming with newfound power, Ultron stalks the halls, searching for Scott. Thinking on his feet, the smallest Avenger schemes a way to turn the tables on the synthezoid.

The full video can be watched here. Ultron makes his appearance starting at the 3:23 mark.


Could Ultron's Return Herald More Classic Villains?

While Ultron's appearance is short in the video, it's very clear he plays an important role in the attraction. How the Avengers manage to stop him is up to passengers of the Disney Wish to find out.

What's particularly interesting about Ultron's appearance here is that he's a villain the Avengers have definitively beaten. While some remain on the large, Ultron is done and dusted as of both Age of Ultron and What If...?. Since the MCU-themed attractions at Disney Parks are non-canon, the decision to include Ultron may indicate that there's no limits on who could show up.

Avengers: Quantum Encounter may end up being the harbinger of a hall of fame tour for fan-favorite villains, opening the door for guests at Disney Parks and aboard cruises to experience battles with Loki, Thanos, Red Skull, Baron Zeemo, and plenty more.

While Ultron remains defeated, the MCU still has plenty of dangers in store for its heroes. The next project is Thor: Love and Thunder, debuting on July 8 only in theaters.

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