Marvel Unveils Gorgeous 2023 Avengers Poster for 60th Anniversary

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Marvel Avengers

Marvel revealed a new ensemble poster celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Avengers.

Artist Alex Ross assembled every Marvel Comics Avenger for this commemorative piece which is set to be released as a variant cover on various Avengers 2023 titles. 

But in paying tribute to the past, Ross paid homage to a specific era of Marvel Avengers comics, as well as their old-school "attitudes."

Marvel's New 60th Anniversary Avengers Poster

In creating the Avengers 60th Anniversary poster, Alex Ross told Marvel that his commemorative piece was inspired by "the first 30 years" of the Avengers, "from the '60s through the '80s:"

"In the case of the Avengers, I wanted to capture something of the era I grew up with, but also something extensive. So I captured the first 30 years of that team, from the '60s through the '80s. I end where 1989 closes."

While the artwork highlights a vast number of Avengers, fans are sure to notice Captain America front and center, along with Black Panther, Vision, the Hulk, Thor, and more. 

AlexRoss Avengers

In regard to Ross' nostalgic take on this anniversary artwork, in addition to their vintage design, he explained that he also wanted to capture their "attitudes:"

"I'm trying to make sure my work is aligning with how the character looked and also the attitudes the characters had."

For comparison, the following is George Perez's 30th-anniversary Avengers poster from 1992 which may have inspired Ross's extensive new piece. 

GeorgePerez Avengers

Not only does it feature a vast collection of characters, but it also found its own way to acknowledge the past. 

Now, the Avengers 60th Anniversary piece isn't the only poster Ross has been working on. He's also releasing an X-Men 60th Anniversary poster as well. 

Both posters will serve as connecting variant covers for X-Men and Avengers titles throughout 2023, beginning with August's "Uncanny Avengers" #1.

A Fitting Tribute to the Avengers Comic Book History

Not only does this new poster celebrate a specific era of comic book design, but it puts into perspective how many heroes have been part of the Avengers throughout the past 60 years. 

Assembling all of those characters into a single piece is no small feat in terms of labor and design. And, while it's unknown whether Ross was inspired by George Perez's 30th Anniversary poster, the similarities between the two show a fitting connection. 

But again, the Avengers poster isn't the only 60th-anniversary artwork on the horizon. 

Marvel is expected to unveil Alex Ross's X-Men poster on Monday, March 27.

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