Marvel Officially Makes Loki an Avenger (Photos)

By John Ross Bradford Posted:
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Loki may have finally found his "glorious purpose" after being revealed as an Avenger in one of Marvel's latest comics. 

Marvel's latest comic book crossover event, titled Avengers Forever, has been following Ghost Rider and Deathlok as they search the multiverse for an answer against the Multiversal Masters of Evil who have already destroyed multiple Earths. 

The two are working for a mysterious Avenger whose identity had remained a secret until now; however, the comic book's fifteenth installment finally unveiled the multiversal mystery man that's been building the inter-dimensional dream team of Avengers, and it turned out to be one of the heroes' greatest foes. 

Loki Revealed as Avenger Prime 

Loki avenger prime

In Avengers Forever #15, Loki was revealed as the mysterious Avenger Prime that's been assembling a team of heroes from across the Multiverse. 

While this may seem like a classic trick by the God of Mischief, the comic also included dialogue about what Loki means when he shouts "Avengers Assemble!" 

Loki Avengers 2

Loki begins by describing the "power" and "hope" behind the iconic Marvel battle cry, calling it a "declaration" that defies "time and space" and "the bounds of reality itself" as he fights alongside his former foes. 

Loki avenger prime 4

He goes on to digest the famous phrase as "a dam holding back the waters of entropy," subtly admitting that even the God of Mischief finds a bit of solace found in shouting those heroic words.

Loki Avengers 3

He also examined the deeper meaning of the phrase, comparing it to "a ritual" the Avengers "cling to" when facing "inevitable ruin." 

The interesting part here is that Loki says "we" when referring to the Avengers here, showing that he sees himself as a true component of the Avengers he's referring to. 

Will Loki Join the MCU Avengers? 

From the shadows, Avenger Prime (aka Loki) scoured the Multiverse and gathered heroes like Tony "Ant-Man" Stark, a Black Panther Variant named Vibranium Man, and a version of the Howling Commandos that's made up entirely of Steve Rogers Variants. That's quite the turnaround from Loki's glory days of trying to exterminate these very same heroes to now leading them in battle. 

The Avengers Forever comic portrayed Loki as repentant and redeemable, and now he's leading a mega-level Avengers team. Loki's own MCU series just sparked something similar, showing that the God of Mischief may have a greater purpose than terrorizing Midgard and clashing with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

By the end of its six-episode run, Loki made itself out to be a unique twist on a hero's story. The Asgardian prince developed as a person and began showing heroic qualities both inside and out, which may indicate Loki will continue this unique hero's journey all the way to an Avengers recruitment meeting. 

Interestingly, the series also hinted that the big villain of Phase 5, Kang the Conqueror, will also be Loki's biggest threat going forward. Now that heroes like Ant-Man and the Wasp are beginning to clash with Kang as well, the Avengers are going to find themselves having a common enemy with a former foe. 

Some fans are even starting to believe Loki's redemption arc may launch him all the way to the head spot at the Avengers table, and this new comic book makes it seem like it's possible. When considering the knowledge Loki has about He Who Remains, the TVA, and the unraveling of the Multiverse, Loki has a broader outlook than any hero in the MCU right now and may be the key to stopping the madness that Kang the Conqueror will bring in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

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