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Netflix's live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series is a surefire hit, but the series still lacks an official Season 2 confirmation. 

Telling the same story (with a few small tweaks) as the beloved animated Nickelodeon series from the late 2000s, Netflix's Airbender show thrust fans back into the world of warring element-wielding factions and the plight of a young boy who is prophesized to save everyone. 

According to Netflix's internal data, the show was viewed by 21.2 million people in its first four days on the platform, raking in a whopping 154.3 million hours streamed in the process. However, the streamer remains tight-lipped on a potential follow-up effort. 

When Will Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2 Be Released on Netflix?

Avatar Last Airbender

At the time of writing, there is been no official confirmation of a second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Despite this, the cast and crew responsible have commented on wanting to do more. 

According to Katara actress Kiawentiio, she "hope[s] for Season 2 and Season 3," believing the story only gets better as it goes (via Elle):

"I definitely hope for Season 2 and Season 3—I think we all really want that for this show. I am proud of what we’ve done for season one, but I think there’s just so much to look forward to as well. In the animated series, it just gets better and better each season. So there’s a lot of scenes that I’d love to recreate and relationships that I’d love to see."

Kiawentiio may get her wish though. As spotted by What's On Netflix, a LinkedIn job listing from January 2023, seemingly revealed a writers' room for Season 2 had already been assembled.

The now-deleted listing appeared on a user's LinkedIn profile, describing they had worked as a "Writers' Room Assistant" for Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2, from January 2023 to January 2024. 

While it is unlikely this LinkedIn user was working that whole time in the Avatar writers' room because of 2023's months-long Hollywood writers' strike, it could mean scripts have been worked on for a second season.

This contrasts directly with comments from the showrunner of the Netflix series Albert Kim.

In February 2024, Kim told The Hollywood Reporter "I didn’t focus beyond Season 1," leading up to the release of the first batch of episodes:

"I didn’t focus beyond Season 1. It was enough without the additional hurdle and challenge to get Season 1 to the finish line, that’s been the focus. And again, having the benefit of hindsight, you can look back and see in the animated series each of the seasons feel slightly different."

If the scripts are complete, and the writers' room has finished work on Season 2, a release could happen sooner than one may think. 

With scripts in hand (and only with scripts in hand), the show could get back in front of cameras as soon as this year - perhaps starting sometime this summer or fall. 

Season 1 took seven months to film, which went from November 2021 to June 2022. The series then eventually came to Netflix 18 months later in February 2024. 

Following the same production pipeline as Season 1 (and assuming filming can get underway this summer), that would place a release for Season 2 sometime in mid-2026. 

However, it seems unlikely the post-production process will take as long as Season 1 did. Yes, the series is incredibly VFX-heavy, but one can likely assume the series was held a bit longer to avoid the fallout of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that shut down Hollywood in 2023. 

If this slightly expedited schedule were to come to fruition, the series could premiere as early as Q1 2026, but that is just a prediction. 

Who Will Be in Netflix's Avatar Season 2 Cast?

Given Season 2 of Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender will likely follow Book Two: Earth from the animated series (as Season 1 followed Book One: Water), there is at least a presumption of what characters will play a part in this next chapter of the Avatar story. 

One can assume all the central characters from Season 1 will be back for Season 2.

This includes all of Team Avatar, namely Gordon Cormier's Avatar Aang, Kiawentiio's lovable waterbender Katara, and Ian Ousley's lovable oaf Sokka.

Clashing (and at times collaborating) with Team Avatar will likely continue to be the members of the Fire Nation set up in Season 1, including Dallas Liu's Prince Zuko, Paul Sun-Hyun Lee's General Iroh, Daniel Dae Kim's Fire Lord Ozai, and Elizabeth Yu's Princess Azula - who was a new addition to Season 1, originally debuting in Season 2 of the animated series. 

Season 2 will also likely feature a few new major characters, pulling from the animated Avatar universe. A few newcomers to the series that will need casting will likely be the fiesty earthbender Toph Beifong and the leader of the earthbending police force known as the Dai Li, Long Feng.

The full list of expected returning Avatar: The Last Airbender actors can be seen below:

  • Gordon Cormier as Aang
  • Kiawentiio as Katara
  • Ian Ousley as Sokka
  • Dallas Liu as Prince Zuko
  • Paul Sun-Hyun Lee as General Iroh
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Fire Lord Ozai
  • Elizabeth Yu as Princess Azula
  • Momona Tamada as Ty Lee
  • Thalia Tran as Mai
  • Ken Leung as Commander Zhao

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What Will Happen in Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2?

If/when Avatar: The Last Airbender is renewed for a second season on Netflix, one can assume it will follow the plot of Season 2 of the hit animated series it is adapting. 

Season 2 of the Nickelodeon series (titled Book Two: Earth) sees Team Avatar - Aang, Katara, and Sokka - venture to the Earth Kingdom in hopes of Aang mastering the art of earthbending. 

On their quest, they eventually recruit the young earthbender Toph Beifong who helps Aang in his pursuit to master all four styles of bending and becoming the next Avatar. 

Along the way, the series' band of central heroes must continue to evade the clutches of the reinvigorated Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, along with his sister Princess Azula and her band of brutal female firebenders. 

While the original series takes place across one calendar year, it has been teased the live-action show may space things out a bit. 

Series showrunner Albert Kim told Entertainment Weekly a time-jump is likely between Season 1 and 2, as the creative team knew there was "no way [they] could do" have their take on the story take place over the same increment of time:

"All three seasons of the animated series essentially take place in the course of one calendar year,” Kim told Entertainment Weekly. “There was no way we could do that. So we had to design this first season, especially, to accommodate the possibility of some time elapsing between the first and the second season."

This jump forward would not change much from a story perspective, simply aging with the actors playing the characters in live-action. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix worldwide. 

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