Aubrey Plaza Announced for 2024 Monsters Inc. Project

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Aubrey Plaza, Monsters Inc.

Aubrey Plaza and other cast members from 2013’s Monsters University will return to voice their characters again for the upcoming second season of Monsters at Work on Disney+.

Disney Pixar’s 2001 classic Monsters Inc. introduced the world to Mike and Sully, famously brought to life by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, respectively. Then, in 2013, audiences got the story of how the two pals met during their college days in Monsters University.

The 2021 sequel series, Monsters at Work, saw the characters in a state of upheaval, as their society switched from scream power to laugh power, much to the initial chagrin of Ben Feldman’s Tylor Tuskmon, the show’s lead. Little has been said by Disney about Monsters at Work’s second season, beyond that it’s in development.

Aubrey Plaza to Reprise Monsters University Role

Claire Wheeler in Monsters at Work
Disney Pixar

According to Deadline, Season 2 of Disney+’s Monsters at Work is set to bring back multiple characters from Monsters University. Among those returning is Parks and Recreation‘s own Aubrey Plaza.

In Monsters University, Plaza lent her voice to Claire Wheeler, the school’s master of ceremonies for the Scare Games, in which Mike and Sully’s fraternity take part.

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Per Deadline, Nathan Fillion is also set to reprise his role as Johnny Worthington III, and Bobby Moynihan will once again voice Chet Alexander.

What’s Monsters at Work All About?

Longtime fans might recall that at the end of the first entry in the franchise, Monsters, Inc., Sully and Mike expose their company’s CEO for his criminal activities.

Another important revelation comes about at the close of that film as well: Children are not toxic to monsters, and what’s more, their laughter generates far more power for monster society than their screams ever did.

Monsters at Work picks up on the day that Monsters, Incorporated makes the switch to laugh production. Instead of scarers being hired, the company now looks for employees with comedy chops. This leaves Tylor Tuskmon high and dry since he was trained to frighten.

The bulk of the show deals with Tylor acclimating to his quirky co-workers whilst repeatedly trying out for a spot on the Laugh Floor. 

The first season also saw many characters from the previous two films return. Goodman and Crystal had recurring roles as Sully and Mike, and Jennifer Tilly reprised the snake-haired Celia. Pixar staple John Ratzenberger even made a special guest appearance as the Abominable Snowman.

Season 2 was originally announced back in 2022 but since then, it’s been radio silence. Some feared that the series might of gotten canceled, given Disney+‘s recent spell of content purging.

Nevertheless, the second season of Monsters at Work will arrive on the streaming platform in 2024.

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