Ark: Animated Series Part 2 Gets Exciting Release Update (Official)

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Ark: The Animated Series

Ark: The Animated Series fans now have an exciting update about when Part 2 of Season 1 will get its release.

Based on the Ark: Survival Evolved video game, Ark: The Animated Series debuted on Paramount+ on March 21 to rave reviews as fans embraced the sci-fi fantasy series.

Featuring a star-studded cast that includes Vin Diesel, Russell Crowe, and Michelle Yeoh, the first six episodes highlight a paleontologist who winds up on a strange island filled with dinosaurs and never-before-seen technology.

Fortunately, Part 2 is already well on its way to releasing after Part 1 ended with an extended "Coming Soon" tease, utilizing various scenes of new footage from upcoming episodes.

Ark: The Animated Series Part 2 Release Update

Ark: The Animated Series co-showrunner Jeremy Stieglitz gave viewers an exciting update about when to expect the second part of Season 1 to be released on Paramount+.

Responding to a question on X (formerly Twitter) asking if there were more than six episodes, Stieglitz confirmed there are 13 episodes in total, with the remaining episodes set to "release later this year:"

"There are thus far 13 episodes (or 14 depending on how one considers a double-header). Part 2 with the rest of the episodes will release later this year!"

He also confirmed that Part 2 consists of Episode 7 through Episode 13, noting that it will take "about six more months" to finish the necessary work on the latter half of the episodes in Season 1:

"Part 2 is 'Episodes 7 thru 13' of Season 1. It's just taking us about 6 more months to finish the post-production on those big episodes. (so Season 1 is split into two parts)"

Speaking further on Part 2, the showrunner indicated that there will be more "Dino battles and hard-sci-fi stuff" coming in these later episodes, explaining how those take much more time to render in post-production:

"Part 2 needed more time in post-production. Massive Dino battles and hard-sci-fi stuff needs more VFX

When Will Ark: The Animated Series Part 2 Be Released?

Looking at Stieglitz's comments on Ark: The Animated Series Part 2's anticipated release, fans are now analyzing when exactly that release date will come.

The series first went into post-production in June 2023 after recording finished, indicating about a nine-month gap between that time and Part 1's debut on Paramount+.

The big question now is when the "six more months" that Stieglitz mentioned starts, seeing as that could be six months from when Part 1 debuted or sometime before that.

Should it be the former of those dates, fans could potentially expect Part 2 to hit Paramount+ sometime in September or October.

Thankfully, these comments confirm that Part 2 will be released no later than December 2024.

Ark: The Animated Series Part 1 is now streaming on Paramount+.

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