Paramount Plus Just Removed 7 Major Shows With Massive Content Purge

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Seven high-profile TV shows were removed from Paramount+ as part of the streamer's most recent content purge.

Streaming services such as Disney+, Max, Netflix, and others regularly update their caches of content monthly, adding and removing certain TV shows and movies as contracts expire and get renewed.

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7 Major TV Shows Removed from Paramount+

Ahead are the seven TV shows that were removed from Paramount+ as of the last week in March 2024 in the streamer's latest content purge:

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019-2022)

Sam Ashe Arnold in Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? was originally a children's horror series developed in 1992 that led to two revivals, the second of which aired from 2019 until 2022.

The show followed various chapters of a group of teenagers called the Midnight Society, who would gather together at midnight to tell scary stories that were put to life on the small screen.

Rugrats (2021) (Paramount+ Original)

Tommy Pickles and Chucky in Rugrats (2021)

Coming as a Paramount+ original in 2021, Rugrats served as a reboot of the original animated series that ran from 1991 to 2004 on Nickelodeon, this one produced with computer animation.

Bringing back most of the original cast, this new series once again centers on baby Tommy Pickles and his crew of infant troublemakers as they show a look at life through a youthful perspective.

Big Nate (2022) (Paramount+ Original)

Nate in Big Nate

2022's Big Nate highlights 11-year-old Nate and his friends making their way through sixth grade, highlighting their adventures both at school and at home.

Known to express himself through his love of creating cartoons, Nate's prank-pulling ways often get him into trouble with both his teachers and his family as his single dad and older sister raise him. 

Blue’s Clues & You! (2019)

Josh Dela Cruz and Blue in Blue's Clues & You

Blue's Clues & You! arrived as a reboot of the original 1996 series Blue's Clues in 2019, bringing in Josh Dela Cruz as the host following Steve Burns' run in the first iteration.

Cruz teams up with the animated dog Blue to help teach young kids about life lessons with games and mysteries, encouraging audience participation through each episode.

That Girl Lay Lay (2021-2024)

Alaya High as That Girl Lay Lay

Singer/child actress That Girl Lay Lay leads her own self-titled Nickelodeon show starring her as an artificially intelligent phone avatar who comes to life as a teen with unique abilities.

Wished to life by a young girl named Sadie, Lay Lay helps her new friend work her way through her teenage years as she learns who she truly is, all while keeping her new friend's identity a secret.

It’s Pony (2020-2022)

Annie in It's Pony

It's Pony is a British animated series that premiered on Nickelodeon in January 2020, centering on nine-year-old Annie as she lives on her parents' farm in the city with her pony.

While Pony might not be the most skilled or adept horse, Annie loves him with all of her heart, and his optimism and enthusiasm open the door to some wild situations for both of them.

Ollie’s Pack (2020)

Ollie and his friends in Ollie's Pack

Starting in 2020, Ollie's Pack centers on 13-year-old Ollie and his backpack, which serves as a powerful portal that lets various monsters travel to Earth

Ollie and his two best friends have to protect their planet from these terrifying monsters, although they often team up with helpful monsters who assist in that endeavor along with everyday teenage life.

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