Evil Season 3's Netflix Release: When Will It Start Streaming?

By Richard Nebens Posted:
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As some of Evil makes its way to Netflix, fans wonder when Season 3 will arrive on the streaming giant.

Evil first started in 2019 on CBS, highlighting a forensic scientist who moves past skepticism about religion and the occult to solve supernatural-based crimes with the help of a priest.

While most fans are waiting for Season 4 to arrive on Paramount+ on Thursday, May 23, others want to know where they can catch up with what's happened so far in the series.

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When Will Evil Season 3 Hit Netflix?

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The first two seasons of Evil began streaming on Netflix on April 30, leaving many to wonder if and when Season 3 will join them.

For reference, Season 3 first premiered on Paramount+ between June and August 2022.

Currently, there is no official timeframe for when Season 3 will hit Netflix. 

Seasons 1 and 2 made their streaming debuts about two years and six months after Season 2 finished its run on CBS, in October 2021.

Should the case be the same for Season 3, it will likely hit Netflix sometime around February 2025.

Where To Watch Evil Season 3 Free Now

While fans can only watch the first two seasons of Evil on Netflix, there is free access to all of Season 3 from a different provider.

Paramount+ recently added Evil Season 3 to the channel's YouTube page without a paywall or restrictions, allowing fans to enjoy the show's 10 most recent episodes.

There are no reports on whether the streamer will add either of the first two seasons to YouTube.

Why Is Netflix Hosting a Paramount+ Streaming Show?

Fans may wonder why Netflix is currently streaming a series that is already on Paramount+, especially since all three seasons are still on the latter of those streamers.

It is important to remember that Evil began its run as a cable TV show on CBS in 2019, shortly before streaming exclusives took over the media landscape.

CBS's contract for Evil most likely included a Netflix release for its first two seasons, which came before it transitioned into a streaming-only series on Paramount+.

In fact, Evil might not have ever streamed on Netflix if it had been originally developed by Paramount+, which shows just how rare this situation is.

It appears unlikely that Season 3 and beyond will take the same path, although fans should keep a close eye on the situation for further updates.

All three seasons of Evil are now streaming on Paramount+, and the first two seasons are available to watch on Netflix.

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