Ant-Man Director Celebrates Film's 5-Year Anniversary with New Set Photo

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to a plethora of memorable heroes and villains. Over the years, the superhero franchise continued to surprise fans with massive team-up events and character-driven solo films. While the stakes of some MCU films are grander in scale, there are other entries that provided fans a smaller and lighthearted affair for some of the beloved heroes. 

The Ant-Man films, led by Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and director Peyton Reed, are a perfect example of such. Even though some may have overlooked the Ant-Man franchise, it's worth pointing out that those films introduced the concept of the Quantum Realm, which proved vital to the plot of last year's Avengers: Endgame. In addition, the comedic tone and family-centered plot of the Ant-Man films essentially makes them worthwhile to re-watch.

Now, a recent tweet from Ant-Man director Peyton Reed may help fans to look back on the film's lasting impact to the franchise. 


In a tweet, Reed commemorated the film's five year "ant-iversary" with a new set photo: 


2015's Ant-Man was a crowd pleaser during the time of its release. The film, which essentially capped off MCU's Phase 2, provided fans a superhero adventure like no other as it maximized the tiny hero's ability to a full extent. In turn, this led to amusing sequences which delivered a lot of laughs for fans. In a way, Reed's tweet should serve as a reminder of the film's success. 

The set photo that was revealed in the tweet brings nostalgia to MCU fans as it provides a glimpse of the iconic Ant-Man suit. While the suit evolved over different MCU films, Scott Lang's costume from the first film is notable in many ways. Reed's inclusion of an image of the suit in his recent tweet highlights Lang's starting off point as the tiny hero, and fans can relive that moment upon watching the film again. 

Not much is known about the upcoming Ant-Man 3, but the behind-the-scenes progress of the threequel is well underway. Whatever the case, the future is bright for Paul Rudd's Ant-Man. 

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