Andor Season 2 Creator Casts Doubt on 1 Plot Thread Getting Resolved

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Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy played coy on whether the Disney+ series would explore a storyline brought up in the first episode of the series.

Diego Luna returned after starring in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in Andor, Star Wars' grittiest series to date.

One element explored in the show was how Cassian Andor became the cut-thrown man fans have grown to love. 

Kenari is his home planet, a small Mid Rim system, a region of the galaxy with very few natural resources. Other Mid Rim systems include Naboo, Takodana, and Kashyyyk.

A key event audiences saw on Kenari was Cassian's adopted mother, Maarva, saving him from Republic officers and leaving his people and family behind.

Will Viewers See Cassian Andor's Search for His Sister?

Cassian Andor's younger sister Kerri

While speaking to Deadline, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy was non-committal on if viewers would ever see Cassian Andor's continued search for his sister, Kerri.

During Andor Episode 1, Cassian is searching for his sister at a Morlana One brothel. Later, viewers learn that the two were separated at a young age.

Cassian Andor, Diego Luna

When asked if this plot thread would be resolved in Season 2, Gilroy warned that he didn't want to get unto spoilers but said it's important "knowing when to let things go and have chaos:"

"One of the important things in this show, because of the expanse of it, and because of the detail of it, is knowing when and where to make things intricate and have them tie together, and the other side of it is knowing when to let things go and have chaos. And because that’s what life is like and finding that balance that suits the storytelling is part of it."

The writer added that he doesn't "feel beholden" to the sister plotline while admitting he gave "a complicated answer:"

"I don’t feel beholden to what you’re talking about in any way, but there are a lot of things that we do that are intricate, that we weed along the way. So that’s a complicated answer."

Additionally, Gilroy spoke of the time-jumping format of Season 2, jumping three years total: 

"When we come back later, it’ll be literally like a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And then, we’ll jump a year, and then it’ll be, like, four or five days, and then we’ll jump a year, and then there’ll be another four or five days, and then we jump a year, and be another four or five days. "

He mentioned that he's not sure "whether anybody ever did it before" and that this is a "brand-new era of making these shows:"

"I don’t know whether anybody ever did it before because I don’t know if anybody had a chance to do it before. We’re in the brand-new era of making these shows. These shows are all new. This whole idea of how to make these shows, and the economic scale of them is new, and everything’s new."

Gilroy was kidding about "the economic scale," as Andor Season 1 had a $250 million budget.

Will Andor Season 2 Answer All Season 1 Questions?

Based on Tony Gilroy's evasive comments regarding Cassian's search for Kerri, audiences likely won't see every plothole from Season 1 resolved before this series ends.

The most telling quote by Gilroy was, " knowing when and where to make things intricate and have them tie together, and the other side of it is knowing when to let things go and have chaos."

How much "chaos" (or unresolved plot points) will Andor Season 2 have?

The series will end after this season, leading up to the events of Rogue One by the show's finale. Based on Gilroy's lightspeed description of the upcoming season's format, don't expect everything to be resolved by its conclusion.

Fans have good reason to have blind faith in Gilory after a successful first season, but a character-driven search for Kerri would be something many would like to see concluded or at least mentioned.

Andor Season 2 is set to release in late summer/early Fall 2024.

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