Full Cast of Alone Season 11: Every Contestant In New 2024 Episodes (Photos)

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Alone Season 11 looks to take it up a notch in intensity by bringing a cast of 10 new contestants to its most remote location yet. 

History Channel's hit reality series follows 10 contestants exploring ways to survive as long as possible in a remote part of Canada's Northwest Territories, 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Each participant can choose only 10 items from a pre-approved stash of allowable gear and is given a kit of standard equipment, clothing, and first aid. The last remaining contestant will win $500,000. 

Alone Season 11 premiered on the History Channel on June 13.

Every Contestant in Alone Season 11 

Cubby Hoover

Cubby Hoover in Alone Season 11, Episode 1
Cubby Hoover

Instagram: @cubbersons

Cubby Hoover is a 33-year-old bowyer and homesteader from Seligman, Missouri who joins the competition to outlast the other contestants and survive in an unforgiving environment. 

After struggling to find the right career for him, Cubby decided to take a risk by buying a camper and moving to Missouri to start fresh with his wife. This helped him establish his own archery company. 

Cubby's items: Sleeping bag, 2-quart pot, ferro rod, paracord, multitool, bow and arrows, fishing line and hook, snare wire, saw, and axe

Peter Albano

Peter Albano in Alone Season 11 video
Peter Albano

Instagram: @albano_peter

Peter Albano, 42, is a librarian who makes the most out of the resources available to survive. 

Although his day job might seem unrelated to the level of competition that Alone offers, Peter's passion for the outdoors, experience volunteering for a local search and rescue group, and innate bushcraft skills are his tools for surviving in the Arctic. 

Peter's items: Sleeping bag, 2-quart pot, ferro rod, bow and arrows, fishing line and hooks, snare wire, multitool, saw, paracord, and shovel

Dusty Blake

Dusty Blake in Alone Season 11 video
Dusty Blake

Arkansas' Dusty Blake is ready to make a statement in Alone Season 11. 

The fact that Dusty, 36, spent his childhood in the woods allowed him to learn the ins and outs of survival in the wilderness. 

Dusty is a professional welder who claims he has a lot of fire and never gives up on any challenge.

Dusty's items: Axe, saw, ferro rod, multitool, fishing line and hooks, paracord, pot, snare wire, bow and arrows, sleeping bag

Michela Carriere

Michela Carriere in Alone Season 11, Episode 1
Michela Carriere

Instagram: @askiholisticadventures

34-year-old Michela Carriere is an expert in trapping and hunting outside her day job as an adventure guide.

Michela is no stranger to the wilderness because she has been living with her family off the grid since birth in the Saskatchewan River Delta. 

She is part of an Indigenous tribe in Canada known as Métis-Cree (aka descendants of the Cree and European fur traders in the 18th century).

Michela tells the confessional in a special video from the History Channel's YouTube video that she is willing to "experience it all" to ultimately win the $500,000 grand prize before starting a family. 

Michela's items: Sleeping Bag, ferro rod, axe, multitool, paracord, bow and arrows, 2-quart pot, snare wire, fishnet, and saw

Timber Cleghorn

Timber Cleghorn in Alone Season 11 video
Timber Cleghorn

Instagram: @timbercleghorn

Timber Cleghorn, 36, is passionate about humanitarian aid work, and his empathy and care for others have made him a better person and survivalist.

During his downtime, Timber and his family camp to allow his kids to embrace the wilderness. 

Timber knows what it takes to survive in harsh environments,, and he hopes that by winning Alone Season 11, he can make his two sons proud.

Timber's items: Sleeping bag, 2-quart pot, ferro rod, axe, saw, multitool, bow and arrows, paracord, snare wire, and fishing line and hooks

William Larkham Jr.

William Larkham Jr. in Alone Season 11 Episode 1
William Larkham Jr.

Instagram: @biglandtrapper

William Larkham Jr. is a veteran fisherman who uses his skills to do whatever is necessary to survive. 

Growing up in a small island community in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador paved the way for him to learn useful survival skills. He hopes to translate his experience into a story of success by joining Alone Season 11.

William's items: Sleeping Bag, axe, saw, knife, 2-quart pot, ferro rod, snare wire, fishing line and hooks, paracord, and fishing net

Jake Messinger

Jake Messinger in Alone Season 11 Episode 1
Jake Messinger

Instagram: @jake.woodsrunner

Jake Messinger has been a falconer for 15 years and is armed with extensive knowledge in fly fishing as he joins Alone Season 11. 

The Fremont County, Indiana native is a native hunter, and he is poised to use this specific skill set in finding food in the wild. 

Jake's three children are his biggest fans. While it is hard for him to leave them behind for a while, Jake uses his love for them as fuel to survive in the Arctic.

Jake’s items: Axe, saw, shovel, paracord, multitool, fishing line and hooks, 2-quart pot, snare wire, bow and arrows, and sleeping bag

Dub Paetz

Dub Paetz in Alone Season 11, Episode 1
Dub Paetz

Instagram: @dub_paetz

As a wilderness skills practitioner, 44-year-old Dub Paetz knows what it takes to survive in any environment. This is on top of being a 5th generation fly fisherman, a waterfowl hunting guide, and an outdoor enthusiast.

In Episode 1, Dub strongly believes that he has all the tools and skills necessary to outlast the nine other competitors and win the grand prize of $500,000.

Dub's items: Swiss Army Knife, saw, axe, ferro rod, fishing line and hooks, snare wire, 2-quart pot, paracord, bow and arrows, sleeping bag

Sarah Poynter

Sarah Poynter in Alone Season 11 video
Sarah Poynter

Instagram: @akswampcreature

In an official Alone video, Sarah Poynter says that Season 11 was the "most miserable and greatest experience of [her] life."

Sarah and her husband have been living in the remote wilderness of Alaska. She hopes that her experience, skill set, and passion for the outdoors can help her withstand the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle and eventually win it all.

Sarah's items: Sleeping bag, paracord, 2-quart pot, ferro rod, snare wire, fishing line and hooks, bow and arrows, hatchet, saw, and multitool

Isaiah Tuck

Isaiah Tuck in Alone Season 11
Isaiah Tuck

Taking care of his family is always the number one priority for game warden Isaiah Tuck. 

The 36-year-old West Virginia native hopes to translate his passion for the outdoors into something more as he embarks on a quest to survive in Alone Season 11.

Alone, Season 11, Episode 1 sees Isaiah declare that he has what it takes to win the challenge due to his vast experience, military training, and desire to become the hero for his daughter.

Isaiah's items: Sleeping Bag, multitool, pot, ferro rod, bow and arrows, fishing line and hooks, shovel, paracord, snare wire, and saw

New episodes of Alone Season 11 premiere every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. 

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