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A Vampire in the Family is a new movie available to stream on Netflix, and stars a wide range of actors in its cast.

The movie tells the story of Fernandinho, an ex-soccer player who was shamed for seeming to miss an easy goal on purpose (despite him constantly insisting otherwise). The now-podcaster has to endure living with his brother-in-law, who he soon figures out is also a vampire.

Throughout the movie (which was originally filmed in Portuguese, though English subtitles and audio dubs are available for English-speaking audiences), Fernando learns the power of passion and the love of family. But, he does this while saving the world from a vampire infestation.

A Vampire in the Family Netflix Cast and Characters

While not a large ensemble, the cast of Netflix's new release A Vampire in the Family is certainly memorable, at the very least.

But who plays who in this monster-movie-comedy hybrid?

Leandro Hassum - Fernandinho

Leandro Hassum as Fernandinho in A Vampire in the Family
Leandro Hassum

Fernandinho is the movie's protagonist — an ex-soccer player who now hosts a sports podcast. He is the person who unknowingly invites his vampire brother-in-law into his house, kickstarting the vampire infestation which he spends the end of the movie trying to stop.

He says that family is his first priority — though he really did not like his brother-in-law — and he is protective over his wife and two daughters. By the end of the movie, he learns how to recognize and expresses his passions.

Leandro Hassum plays Fernandinho, and his other projects include Xuxa and the Mystery of the Little Ugly Princess and Till Luck Do Us Part, among others.

Rômulo Arantes Neto - Greg

Rômulo Arantes Neto as Greg in A Vampire in the Family
Rômulo Arantes Neto

Greg, Fernandinho's brother-in-law, is the titular "Vampire in the Family" himself. 

Having returned from a long trip abroad (during which, as audiences eventually realize, he was turned into a vampire), Greg spends time living with his sister's family. During his stay, he exhibits strange behaviors like avoiding sunlight (for the most part) and not showing up in video footage.

It is eventually revealed that he is working with Drax — who will be explored next on the list — to turn the residents of the region into vampires, and create what Drax calls "a new race."

In Vampire in the Family, Greg is played by Rômulo Arantes Neto, whose past credits include The Mutants: Ways of the Heart and There's Something About Mario.

Edson Celulari - Drax

Edson Celulari as Drax in A Vampire in the Family
Edson Celulari

Though Greg is seemingly the main antagonist for most of the movie, the true villain is Drax, better known as Count Dracula.

Drax intends to turn everyone in the region into vampires and he reveals this plan to audiences at a grand ball that the vampires all attend. Eventually, though, Fernandinho is able to defeat him with his newfound passion and belief.

Edson Celulari portrays Drax in the new movie. The actor is known for roles in shows like Crashing Into the Future and Fight or Love?, among other projects.

Monique Alfradique - Vanessa

Monique Alfradique as Vanessa in A Vampire in the Family
Monique Alfradique

Vanessa is Fernandinho's wife and Greg's brother. A little clueless, Vanessa tends to have her head in the clouds and can be blinded by what feels right or true.

Though married, Vanessa and Fernandinho spend much of the movie fighting, with Vanessa not shy about telling her husband his flaws.

In fact, on multiple occasions, she seems to actively reject being with Fernandinho. As a result, her husband becomes jealous of her brother, since the latter is getting more of her attention than the former. Regardless, she ends up helping save the day by the end, understanding that she truly does love Fernandinho.

Monique Alfradique, known for roles in shows like Pure Beauty and Once in a Blue Moon, as well as several other projects, plays Vanessa in the Netflix movie.

Mel Maia - Carol

Mel Maia as Carol in A Vampire in the Family
Mel Maia

Carol is Fernandinho's first daughter, and she splits her time between living with her father and her mother (a woman named Michele).

A bit goth and a bit nerdy, Carol helps motivate her dad to save the region from the vampires. She is shown drawing and is a cosplayer who loves anime. She also had a romantic past (and, by the end of the movie, present) with Ameba, the next entry on this list.

Mel Maia plays Carol in A Vampire in the Family. Some of the actress' other credits include roles in Brazil Avenue and Precious Pearl.

Caio Mendonça - Ameba

Caio Mendonça as Ameba in A Vampire in the Family
Caio Mendonça

Ameba has two connections to Fernandinho's family, being Carol's ex (and eventual boyfriend again) and the cameraman for Fernandinho's sports podcast.

At first, Ameba is the only person who believes Fernandinho when he tries to tell people that Greg is a vampire. With his detailed knowledge of vampire lore, Ameba gives Fernandinho guidance and information for most of the movie, before joining the action himself at the party.

Ameba is played by Caio Mendonça in the movie. The actor appeared in Fala Sério, Mãe!, and played single-episode roles in Under Pressure and Ernesto, O Exterminador de Seres Monstruosos (E Outras Porcarias).

Renata Brás - Michele

Renata Brás as Michele in A Vampire in the Family
Renata Brás

As mentioned earlier, Michele is Fernandinho's ex and Carol's mother. She is manipulative, having coerced Fernandinho into giving up much of what he owns under the guise of child support.

Audiences can see this clearly when she tells Fernandinho that he will only get a ball he cares about back if he increases the amount of child support money he gives her.

After meeting Greg at a club, despite Fernandinho's attempt to keep her away from the vampire, Michele becomes a vampire herself. Her home ends up being the location for the vampires' ball, where most of the end of the movie takes place.

Renata Brás plays Michele in A Vampire in the Family and is known for roles in Brasil a Bordo and Os Parças 2, among others.

Maria Flor Franco - Moniquinha

Maria Flor Franco as Moniquinha in A Vampire in the Family
Maria Flor Franco

Moniquinha is Fernandinho's younger daughter, who is mesmerized by Greg when she meets him.

She plays with her uncle and enjoys his company — in fact, he even lets her in on the fact that not everything about him is quite as it seems when she notices something off about his nose in the pool scene

Ultimately, the young Moniquinha is able to help in the final battle against the vampires, as the blood of a virgin is needed.

Maria Flor Franco plays Moniquinha in the movie, with the role being her first professional credit.

Zico - Zico

Zico in A Vampire in the Family

Soccer (or, football, outside of the United States) fans may be surprised to see a familiar face in one of the movie's final scenes — that of Zico (Arthur Antunes Coimbra).

Zico is a former soccer player and current soccer coach from Brazil. As a player, he was considered by many to be one of the best in the sport.

Near the end of A Vampire in the Family, Fernandinho interviews Zico for his podcast.

During the interview, Zico affirms that though many believe Fernandinho missed an easy goal on purpose, he believes it was a genuine mistake. Until this point in the movie, no one other than Fernandinho himself believed that to be the case.

Given the role sports play in the movie, it is a nice touch to see a real-world athlete featured in it.

A Vampire in the Family is now streaming on Netflix.

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