A Shop for Killers Gets Worrying Season 2 Update from Lead Actor

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The star of A Shop for Killers on Disney+ and Hulu recently gave a grim update on the possibility of a Season 2.

A Shop for Killers, starring Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hye-jun, recently released Season 1 on Disney+ in select regions and on Hulu in the United States.

The South Korean action series, adapted from Kang Ji-young's novel, follows a young woman raised by her uncle in a dubious shopping mall. 

Since debuting on January 17, the popularity has grown for the series, giving fans hope that there could be a second season.

A Shop for Killers Unlikely for a Season 2

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South Korean actress Kim Hye-jun recently discussed the possibility of A Shop For Killers Season 2, casting doubt on her character Jeong Ji-an returning or the series continuing.

While speaking with TV Report, Hye-jun said, "As a viewer, I am sad that the show is ending," and that "it is time to let it go:"

"As a viewer, I am sad that the show is ending...More than anything, I spent a year with ‘Ji-an,’ and I am sad that it is time to let it go, and I think I will miss it."

In a conversation with Donga.com Hye-jun added that she thinks Episode 8 "will be an ending that will satisfy everyone" and for her character, she believes "it will show the final process of growth"

"I think it will be an ending that will satisfy everyone...No matter what ending Ji-an has reached, I think it will show the final process of growth."

She shared a similar sentiment with Star News Korea, but remarked that she thinks "it will show how Ji-an can grow no matter what ending she faces."

Is the End of A Shop for Killers Season 1 Satisfying?

As Hye-jun is seemingly ready to move on from Ji-an and A Shop for Killers, fans are pining for a Season 2, as seen in the comment section of a recent Instagram post.

In the series finale, Pasin (Kim Min) and Min-hye (Geum Hae-na) vanish, leaving Ji-an and Brother (Lee Tae-young) to confront the aftermath alone until a group of Yellow Code cleaners arrive to tidy up the mess. 

The following day, a taxi driven by the man who aided Ji-an during her uncle's funeral reveals Jin-man's (Lee Dong-wook) survival, despite sustaining wounds and enduring a beating.

However, based on Hye-jun's recent comments, there's no clear indication of whether or not the new chapter will ever happen.

If the series proves to be incredibly popular over time, that will most likely increase the odds of Season 2 going into production. There are still many narrative threads to unwind.

A Shop for Killers Season 1 can be streamed now on Disney+ and Hulu.

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