Young Justice Season 5 Gets Unfortunate Update

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DC’s Young Justice animated series has had something of a tumultuous history. First premiering on Cartoon Network in 2010, the show was canceled after its second season.

A groundswell of support from fans eventually nabbed Young Justice its third season and then a fourth, this time airing on the DC Universe and HBO Max streaming platforms. 

The show did quite well for itself on streaming and has always been popular with viewers, but since Season 4 wrapped up in June of this year, only disappointment has followed. Previously, it was revealed that no more episodes had been ordered for Young Justice, and now, there’s added confirmation of the hit series’ sad fate.

'No Current Commitment' for More Young Justice

Young Justice Season 5

Christopher Jones, who does storyboard work for the series and the art for DC’s Young Justice tie-in comic book, took to Twitter to pass on some unfortunate news regarding more potential seasons of the TV show. Jones also mentioned that there are no firm plans in place for more issues of the tie-in comic:

“I'm currently working on the final issue of Young Justice Targets, and hoping that with no current commitment for a fifth season of the TV show or further comics that this isn't the final chapter of the Earth 16 saga. My thanks to everyone who has been supporting the comic.”

The artist also remarked that even if the series was renewed, a fifth season would be a while away still:

“Like everyone else, I would most love for the TV series to be renewed for season 5 and beyond. But if the green light came tomorrow new episodes are at least a year and a half away due to the realities of animation production.”

Jones was sure to encourage those who want to see more Young Justice to support the comic, in hopes that will drum up noticeable interest.

“So in the short term, more comics are the best option for telling more stories with these characters in this continuity. And after massive viewership numbers the best way to demonstrate the demand for more of the TV show would be ongoing interest in spin-off media like the comic.”

And as a closing statement, he doubled down on his request for fans to read the comic and to keep watching reruns of the television series on HBO Max.

“So please continue to support the comic as the remaining issues roll out and when the collected edition comes out next year. And #KeepBingingYJ. Never the end.”

A previous report from TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich in August also had indicated Young Justice will not be getting a fifth season. 

When asked in a recent Matt's Inside Line newsletter about the series, Mitovich said that HBO Max had "ordered a single season of the onetime Cartoon Network and DC Universe series" from the start, and there are "no plans for a Season 5:"

"HBO Max from go had only ordered a single season of the onetime Cartoon Network and DC Universe series, and that plan has not changed. There are currently no plans for a Season 5, I am told."

Is There Still Hope For Young Justice?

Given the current state of Warner Bros. and by extension, DC, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Young Justice was not renewed; the studio is on something of a cancellation spree lately after all.

The studio is in the midst of a transitional period, due to a merger with Discovery. New CEO David Zaslav has come to be seen as a hatchet man, canceling projects left and right in order to support Warner Bros. bottom line. These acts have led to the regrettable abandoning of movies like Batgirl, which had almost entirely completed production but will not be released.

So, for a smaller project like Young Justice, however beloved it may be, it’s still likely to end up as part of the bloodbath that Zaslav and his new regime have left in their wake.

Still, there’s hope for the comic book to proceed with new installments at the very least, depending on sales.

All four seasons of Young Justice are available to stream on HBO Max.

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