Young Justice Season 4 Officially Gets 2021 Release Window

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DC Animated's Young Justice series became a fan-favorite after its successful multiple season run on Cartoon Network. Although it took a while before the show's third season renewal in the form of Young Justice: Outsiders, the wait was a worthwhile one due to its captivating narrative along with the support of its dedicated fan base. 

Last year, the much-anticipated third season lived up to the hype since it introduced new characters and storylines that progressed the narrative in exciting ways. The success of Young Justice: Outsiders ultimately led to the show's fourth season renewal that was announced during DC FanDome. 

Along with the renewal, the title of the upcoming season was also revealed to be Young Justice: Phantoms. Not much is known about the plot details of the fourth season. However, new evidence may shed some light on when fans can expect to learn more about the fan-favorite animated series. 


Redditor L11K uncovered evidence that may have revealed the release window of Young Justice: Phantoms on HBO Max. The user shared a screenshot of a promotional email from HBO Max, and it showed "Young Justice (Season 4 coming 2021)."  Additionally, the promotion also shows that Titans season 3 and Doom Patrol season 3 are both also listed for a 2021 release.

Young Justice Release Date from HBO Max
Young Justice Release Date from HBO Max (From L11K from Reddit)


Given the ongoing health crisis, it's hard to say when upcoming projects will be released, and it's a wise move for HBO Max to play it safe by only revealing a 2021 release window instead of a specific date. That said, this provides an opportunity for the cast and crew to continue working on the show without an added pressure of catching up to a specific release date. 

During DC FanDome, the cast and crew shared that work is well underway for the fourth season, and this development bodes well for longtime fans who are eager to learn more about Phantoms. It remains to be seen how the narrative will move forward after a slew of shocking revelations during the third season. 

To recap, the show's team of villains in the form of the Light is still at play while the menacing threat of Darkseid looms large. It seems that the combined might of a Black Lightning-led Justice League and the newly assembled team of Outsiders will put a lot of strain on the team by the time the fourth season debuts next year. 

As it is, the 2021 release window for Young Justice: Phantoms is still a good sign for fans of the show. As 2021 inches closer, it's only a matter of time before a definitive release date for Phantoms will be unveiled. 

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