Marvel Studios Includes Sneaky X-Men Symbol In New MCU Show (Photo)

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X-Men Secret Invasion

In Marvel Studios' latest Disney+ episode, the studio seemingly included a hidden X-Men Easter egg for eagle-eyed MCU fans.

The X-Men are slowly but surely making their way toward the MCU spotlight thanks to a couple of cameos and namedrops, all before the X-Men '97 series brings the team back in animated form on Disney+.

In 2022 alone, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness put Patrick Stewart's Professor X Variant in the spotlight before Ms. Marvel turned Kamala Khan into the MCU's first new mutant.

X-Men Easter Egg Hidden in MCU Series

Episode 4 of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion featured a nod to Marvel's X-Men courtesy of an image in Priscilla Fury/Varra's house.

Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

While simming her human form on Earth, Varra wrote a book entitled "Decoding the 'Superhuman' Gene," a picture of which can be seen on her wall.

Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

On the back of that book is a cosmic-looking image that actually forms the letter "X" - a conspicuous letter considering it's seen on a book about human genetics.

Marvel Studios

For reference, the classic X-Men logo can be seen below, with the image on Varra's book even using a similar blue hue as the one that represents Marvel's mutants.


Are Marvel Studios' X-Men On the Way?

Even with potential MCU delays, Marvel Studios is close to bringing mutants into the picture for the first time thanks to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3 - the next movie to release in the schedule after November's The Marvels.

But with this being yet another possible hint that mutants are a part of the MCU's growing landscape as well, it could only be a matter of time until the group takes a more prominent role in the story.

With the Multiverse Saga largely focusing on Variants for the next few years, the MCU is sure to give the shine to former Fox characters like Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine before newcomers take over the reins.

And while Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has commented on when the MCU will get its mutant infusion, this could be just the start of more X-Men storylines and characters coming into play.

The first five episodes of Secret Invasion are available to stream on Disney+.

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