WandaVision Star Shares Photos From Quarantined Production of Halloween Episode

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for WandaVision "Episode 6."

The MCU has had a troubled start to Phase 4. Originally, the next chapter in the MCU was intended to begin with Black Widow , however, COVID-19 delays shifted the theatrical release. However, following Marvel's decision to move all their theatrical releases back, a Disney+ reshuffle led to WandaVision being placed before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to become the beginning of the MCU's next phase.

Much like many of Marvel's upcoming properties, part of WandaVision 's filming was forced to take place during the ongoing pandemic. While most productions have now been allowed to continue through the restrictions, those filming as restrictions first began were forced to halt altogether.

When WandaVision began production in November 2019, it managed to film for four months before halting in March 2020. After a long break, the crew was able to resume in September — with a significant number of precautions in place — to allow production to complete. Sadly, due to the many issues and delays, the series had to be pushed into January 2021, meaning they missed the intended 2020 release and left last year as the first with no Marvel Studios releases.

As WandaVision heads into its concluding episodes, more and more of the footage comes from during the pandemic. The latest episode took the sitcom to the '90s with a Halloween special episode, finally showing Wanda's boys — Tommy and Billy — aged up and in possession of their powers , which strongly resemble Wanda and Quicksilver, respectively.

"Episode 6" provided fans the first look at the boys' superhero counterparts in action as Wiccan and Speed, the Young Avengers heroes they are sure to become in the MCU down the line . Newly released images from the set have showcased the quarantine filming restrictions of WandaVision in action as one of the boys' actors shared behind the scenes shots.


Young actor Jett Klyne, who plays Tommy (Speed) on WandaVision, shared several behind-the-scenes shots from the production of the sixth episode's Halloween Westview scenes.

The image's show director, Matt Shakman, is shown masked up on set and covered in silly string as “Things got a bit “silly” in Westview!”

WandaVision Halloween
Jett Klyne's Instagram


Seeing restrictions in place during this point in the series seems to indicate most of the footage going forward will have been filmed after production resumed between September and November 2020. However, it's common practice for a series on the scale of WandaVision to record scenes and episodes out of order.

The image clearly shows the cast and crew had a lot of fun behind the scenes as they put together Marvel's current hit mystery epic. Wanda's sons have continually aged throughout the series at a rapid rate, so it's unclear if the current age is the last state we'll see them in.

It's entirely possible the boys could see one more age increase before the end of the show to take them into their teens. As of now, the pair have just begun to understand their abilities, something which is sure to be showcased more as the show reaches its climax .

The series' co-star, Paul Bettany, has promised plenty of “big battles” and action in the final three episodes , which begin this week. WandaVision will release its seventh episode Friday, February 19, exclusively on Disney+.

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