WandaVision Star Announces Pregnancy With Adorable Photo

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WandaVision Teyonah Parris

Marvel’s WandaVision was the studio’s first foray into television content. The series focused on Wanda Maximoff fabricating an idyllic family life in the suburbs, but not all was it seemed for her and Vision.

Eventually, government agencies began sniffing around the town of Westview, NJ and discovered that Wanda had enslaved an entire town to act out her sitcom fantasy life. Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau was doggedly determined to get to the bottom of all this and gained superpowers in the process.

Now, with her newfound abilities, Monica found herself being called to the stars at the conclusion of WandaVision, a plot thread that will no doubt be picked up when she reappears in The Marvels in 2023 alongside Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan.

Outside of the MCU, however, Parris is now embarking on a new adventure of her own: motherhood. 

WandaVision's Monica Rambeau Actress Is Expecting

Teyonah Parris, who played SWORD agent Monica Rambeau in 2021’s Wandavision and will reprise her role in The Marvels, took to Instagram that she is "so blessed and so grateful" to be expecting her first child with her husband James:

"We're pregnant!! Whooooo chiiile!! I'm so excited to share that we have a baby on the way. There have been so many feelings since we've learned that our dream of becoming parents is finally a reality. My husband, James, and I have felt a mix of shock, lots of nerves, but most of all so much excitement! Seeing the word PREGNANT was such an amazing feeling! We are so blessed and so grateful."

Parris' announcement post also brought awareness to March of Dimes, a nonprofit which works to improve the health of mothers and babies:

"As part of this exciting moment, I wanted to help raise awareness for Clearblue partner March of Dimes and their amazing efforts to raise awareness for Black maternal and infant health. They offer a training for health care providers with the goal of addressing implicit bias in the health care system to avoid perpetuating the cycles of attitudes and stereotypes that unconsciously affect one’s understanding, actions and decisions in order to achieve equity for all moms and babies. And their #ItStartsWithMom campaign continues to provide moms and moms-to-be with resources and information on topics ranging from getting ready to be a mom to maternal health and wellness. I encourage you to check out their website and Instagram to see how you can help support women to feel better prepared for pregnancy and what’s to come.

Thank you to Clear Blue for being a part of our journey!"

The image Parris posted of the happy mother and father-to-be can be seen below:

Teyonah Parris pregnant

Congrats to the Soon-to-Be Parents

Teyonah Parris certainly seems quite ecstatic over her impending motherhood, and it’s especially admirable that she is helping to raise awareness for a good cause.

The Marvels has wrapped filming, but there may still be reshoots in store for the hotly-anticipated MCU film. If that’s the case, then Parris’ scenes would need to be shot with a body double or stand-in. This is a process to which Marvel Studios is no stranger.

Scarlett Johansson was pregnant during the production of Avengers: Age of Ultron, so Marvel employed a variety of techniques to hide this. It used stand-ins, digitally superimposed Johansson’s face onto another stunt double’s body, and even used CGI to remove her baby bump in some cases.

Plus, the studio also did some similar superimposing when Robert Downey Jr. suffered a leg injury while making Iron Man 3. So, clearly, there are ways to deal with this sort of thing without it being perceptible by audiences.

As for Marvel Studios’ The Marvels, it’s due out in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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