WandaVision Star Addresses Monica's True Feelings About Scarlet Witch During Goodbye

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Monica Rambeau and Scarlet Witch

WandaVision has recently concluded its nine-episode with a series finale that answered many questions, but left many more. One of the highlights of the Disney+ epic was the introduction of Teyonah Parris' adult Monica Rambeau to the MCU.

While the character was largely included to set up her role in Captain Marvel 2, the SWORD agent had an interesting dynamic with Wanda Maximoff as she acted as both an ally and an antagonist to the Avenger.

The two aren't seemingly placed to meet again any time soon in the MCU. However, the finale left the relationship between the two on an interesting note that the actress has offered further details on in a recent interview.


In an interview posted on the official Marvel site, Monica Rambeau actress Teyonah Parris discussed her character's relationship with Wanda in the series. The actress explained the two connect on “a basic level of just grief” as they both grieve the loss of loved ones in Vision and Maria Rambeau respectively:

“Monica has connected with Wanda on a basic level of just grief. They're both grieving a loved one; Monica grieving her mother's passing and even not being there for the passing. Then she’s watching Wanda go through this trauma of losing her love, the love of her life, and connecting with her on that level. [She has] the empathy and compassion that [Wanda needs].”

Parris went on to reveal here excitement to portray “a woman supporting another woman,” calling it a compliment to the series' showrunner Jac Schaeffer:

“Having the opportunity to be a woman supporting another woman, and them growing this connection has been really, really exciting and dynamic,” Parris continues. “It’s a huge compliment to Jac Schaeffer, a woman leading the writers’ room, and just making sure that those stories don't get lost where oftentimes, as women, we feel that we've seen and witnessed [doesn’t] always get the opportunity for fully fledged characters and story arcs. But that's not the case here.”

WandaVision featured multiple women in key roles that the Monica Rambeau actress shared her enjoyment to see “fully fleshed out,” as each woman has their “own points of views, and ambitions, and goals”:

“Not only do you have one woman with a full story arc, you have a couple of women that have their own points of views, and ambitions, and goals, and that we're getting to watch [that] be fully fleshed out!”

According to Parris, by the end of the series, Wanda and Monica have reached “common ground” as she finally “understands what Wanda was doing,” even though “she may not agree with it” but “she understands.”


Teyonah Parris has been confirmed to return to the role of Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel 2 alongside Brie Larson's titular character, and Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel. The character is poised to take up a superhero mantle in the upcoming sequel, likely under the alias of either Spectrum or Photon.

The mid-credits scene from WandaVision's finale set up Monica's meeting with Nick Fury in a future MCU project; this likely indicates that she may return in the Samuel L Jackson-led Secret Invasion that will arrive on Disney+ next year

As it remains unclear where Wanda could appear next after next year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it's hard to speculate if Monica and the Scarlet Witch will meet again in the MCU future.

Given Rambeau now has her own suite of superpowers, she could make a worthy addition to the Avengers when the team next assembles in the inevitable fifth film that is likely still a long way down the road

Monica Rambeau will be seen in Nia DaCosta's Captain Marvel 2 that is slated to release on July 8, 2022.

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