WandaVision Star Expects Hayward Villain To Return In Future Marvel Project

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The Maximoff Anomaly was resolved in WandaVision , but it still left fans with more questions than answers. Serving as the inaugural MCU series on Disney+, the Elizabeth Olsen-led project had big shoes to fill during its debut, but the nine-episode run of the show made it clear that it lived up to fan expectations .

While much of the focus right now is for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , the game-changing impact of WandaVision on the rest of the MCU is pretty hard to ignore. While the next appearance of Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will no doubt address this story beat, the lingering effect of the Scarlet Witch reveal will be felt in other properties as well.

Meanwhile, the fate of other characters from the show is another topic altogether, mainly because it delivered a plethora of interesting narrative directions for the MCU. One of the characters that could potentially return is SWORD Director Tyler Hayward, and a new interview appears to confirm that the actor who played him is willing to answer the call when the time is right.


Josh Stamberg, who played SWORD Director Tyler Hayward on WandaVision , recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight to talk about the recently-concluded Marvel series.

The veteran actor opened up by recalling fan reactions towards his character, revealing that it was “oddly pleasing” for him to read about it on social media “because it means it worked.”

On a separate note, Stamberg shared the behind-the-scenes story of his casting as the SWORD director, pointing out that one of the questions that he asked Marvel was “What can we do to keep him from just being mustache twirly?” while also admitting that he liked the idea that Hayward had “some likability early on:”

“What can we do to keep him from just being mustache twirly? And I liked that, at least for an episode and a half, there got to be some quote-unquote charm or some likability before it sort of descends into this guy who’s so hungry to run the universe.”

Stamberg also unveiled that one of the main reasons for him saying yes to the role is the fact that Hayward wouldn't die in the series. This was further cemented at the tail-end of the finale, considering that the now-former SWORD director was only arrested by the FBI. Stamberg revealed that he's expecting his Hayward character to return in a future MCU series or movie, saying that he'd be "a little surprised" if he didn't:

“I do pray as the creator of the White Vision that I’ll come back somehow. I would not only be disappointed, but a little surprised if I didn’t show up somewhere.”


Josh Stamberg's Tyler Hayward was one of the highlights of WandaVision as evidenced by the growing fan theories about his character. From being a version of Ultron all the way to a Skrull, there was no shortage of theories about the villain during the two-month run of the show, but unfortunately, those speculations didn't pan out.

However, the fact that Stamberg is willing to return in a future MCU project is already a good sign, and this could signal that Hayward's story is far from over. In a way, it makes narrative sense for a potential comeback for the former SWORD director considering that White Vision is still loose somewhere.

If Stamberg does return in Phase 4, there are many projects in the massive slate of the MCU where Hayward can be a shoo-in. For starters, the Secret Invasion series is the first best option since a direct confrontation with Nick Fury could be in the cards, especially after what Hayward did to SWORD during the events of the Westview anomaly.

Another option is Armor Wars . Given the ties of White Vision to Tony Stark, this could be the next plausible appearance of the Android. Not much is known on how the villainous director rebuilt Vision, but it's possible that some Stark Technology was involved. If this is the case, then Hayward would serve as enemy number one for Rhodey in this series.

Whatever the case, Stamberg's portrayal of Hayward in WandaVision was memorable, and his return will be fitting for any MCU project. After all, Hayward still needs to answer for his wrongdoings, and this may lead to a clash against several notable characters down the line.

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