Upload Stars Robbie Amell, Andy Allo & Allegra Edwards Speak on Season 3 Cliffhanger Twist (Exclusive)

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Upload stars Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, and Allegra Edwards shared their thoughts on the show’s big Season 3 cliffhanger.

The new season focused mostly on Amell’s Nathan Brown as he downloaded into a physical body for the first time since his death. In doing so, he got to experience life in the real world with Allo’s Nora, something he had only dreamed of previously.

At the same time, however, a duplicate Nathan was copied and uploaded into Lakeview—bringing two versions of the character into existence. To say it was complicated is to put it lightly.

But to make matters worse, in the season finale, it was revealed that one of the two Nathans was destroyed.

The catch? Well, no one knows which Nathan is left standing.

Upload Cast Comments on That Season 3 Cliffhanger

Upload Season 3 cliffhanger ending scene
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In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Upload cast members Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, and Allegra Edwards talked about the insane cliffhanger in Season 3’s finale.

The big moment revealed only one of the two Nathan Browns was still alive—but audiences have no idea which was the last man standing. If the cast had to choose, which would they want to see stick around though?

Amell’s “selfish answer” is “old Nathan,” as he “think[s] it makes sense [for the plot]:”

“Okay, I have a bit of a selfish answer. But it also makes sense, I think, for the plot. I have more fun playing old Nathan because he's a little goofier and weirder. But I also think it makes sense that the show was built on--like season one was very much Nathan and Nora. Will they get together? Is it going to work? Does it happen? And if you kill the Nathan that finally got with Nora, and now the only Nathan left is with Ingrid, but obviously still has feelings for Nora but is getting married. And now Ingrid and Nora are friends; like you know, Ingrid is going to pull some crazy shit and be like maid of honor. So I think that one makes more sense to me.”

He made sure to clarify, though, at the end of the day, “whatever [the writers] choose will be the right choice:”

“But I will preface this with, at the end of the day, I do not know the answer to this question. The writers played it very close to the chest, and they are much more talented than I am at making these plots and storylines and any thoughts on the scripts at all. So whatever they choose will be the right choice.”

Allegea chimed in, stating “[she] want[s] backup [Nathan] to still be around” so that she can wear a virtual plethora of different wedding dresses:

“I'll just say I want backup [Nathan] to still be around so that Ingrid can have her wedding so that I can wear 17 different avatar wedding dresses. That's all.”

Allo exclaimed, she’s rooting for “old Nathan to survive” so Nathan and Nora can “finally have a chance:”

“I mean, of course, selfishly for Nora, it's like her Nathan, the old Nathan, to survive…I mean, new Nathan is code [laughs].... For them to just finally have a chance, I think that's the thing that the hopeless romantic in me is like, 'Ah, just just give her a chance.'”

But does the cast even have the slightest clue about which Nathan is dead and alive?

Andy Allo’s response to learning about the twist was: “Oh, this is some bullshit [laughs].”

Amell made it clear that “[they] don't know” and how he wasn’t even sure if the writers themselves didn’t have an answer or if they were just not telling the cast yet.

Edwards added, there were “no hints” and “no clues” about which Nathan is left standing.

The Direct then posed another big question for the trio: what were their favorite moments for their respective characters?

For Allo, as an actor, she enjoyed playing Ingrid as Nora:

“… I think for me as the actor, my favorite moments were the moments that I was playing, one, playing Ingrid. That last [one] that was a blast. Oh my gosh, I so maybe yeah, that, too, was fun.”

Robbie Amell admitted he and his friends “were all dying at the Nora, Ingrid scenes:”

“Those were really fun. I didn't watch the season with them. We normally watch the season as a cast. And I was away. And I watched it week by week with friends. And we were all dying at the Nora [and] Ingrid scenes. Those were such a treat to watch…”

Though, for Amell, he has two favorite scenes. The first was “the drunk scene with Ingrid,” and the second was “the cow scene with [Nora]:”

“I have two favorite scenes. One of them is actually—I didn't think it was going to be such a fun scene. But one of them is the drunk scene with Ingrid. We had so much fun shooting that, and it was so silly and weird. But the other was actually the cow scene with [Nora]. And then us, because it's like, it's the first time we fight. And it's such a weird thing.”

What made the moment with the cow so great for the actor was that it was one of the first fights the couple had in the real world, adding that “it was such a weird day of filming:”

“And the visual effects turned out so great. It's the first time our characters are actually [in] this real world, maybe [realizing] this isn't that great a relationship. And then, of course, you know, we figure it out, and the love is there. But, like, it was such a weird day of filming. And I look back on it really fondly.”

Amell couldn’t help but admit that while it’s a “special scene that [he’ll] remember for a long time,” the yogurt he got covered in “was disgusting and smelled:”

“Even though the yogurt was disgusting and smelled and like at the time, it may not have been that great. But watching the scene, I was like, ‘Oh, this is this is kind of a weird, special scene that I'll remember for a long time.’”

For Allegra Edwards, she too, really enjoyed her time as “drunk Ingrid:”

“I have two answers. One of them is definitely drunk Ingrid. Because I think drunk Ingrid is actually sober Allegra. And, but then from a just storytelling perspective. I just I love the opportunity for them to sit next to each other and not talk about anything other than how they feel insecure about themselves. Which was really poignant and kind of sweet. And it made me just happy in that moment.”

Her second favorite scene is only possible in the world of Upload:

“But then the other one that I really loved and is weird, was just like sitting across from Robbie eating burgers that would disappear and reappear wearing a blonde Princess Diana Nora wig with lizards in your pockets. And choosing to say I'm sitting in my bathtub. I'm eating a granola bar. And to have that all make sense story-wise from a like, Oh, how sweet, she's being honest. She's like trying to confess, but all that other crap around it like, like a cartoon, you know, like all these other bells and whistles but at the core of the scene is just, I'm gonna confess to you again and see where the chips fall. I'm in my bathtub was just so, chef's kiss…”

As for whether or not a Season 4 will end up happening, Allo declared that while “[she has] no power at all,” she’s “manifesting it” and “putting it out in the universe.”

The entire interview can be seen below:

Which Nathan Brown Should Live?

The consensus, outside of Allegra Edwards’ desire to wear various virtual wedding dresses, doesn't look so good for Virtual Nathan.

There’s no denying it would feel strange to kill off the original Nathan. In many ways, it would feel like a major step back for the character—and for Nora, who spent the whole season developing a relationship with Download Nathan.

To simply take that away would place Nora into a redundant storyline, to say the least. As harsh as it may sound, Uploaded Nathan is more expendable.

But hey, perhaps the writers will throw a curve ball and reveal that the destroyed Nathan is still around. Though, it’s hard to tell how this hypothetical twist may land for audiences.

First, fans should start crossing their fingers and hope Amazon Studios deems Upload worthy of a Season 4. There’s still plenty of story to tell, and it would be a shame to watch it all get flushed away.

Upload is now streaming on Prime Video.

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